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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] recommended remote / radio control for SUMO-like p

From: Martin Mueller
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] recommended remote / radio control for SUMO-like ppz-system
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2013 10:05:24 +0100
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Hi Andreas,

the idea of the SUMO instructions is to describe a well tested system that can be build by scientists that have little or no RC/electronics/software experience. The mentioned parts have been used in harsh conditions (mainly low temperatures) and worked without issues.

SUMO still uses a LPC-2148 processor based (Umarim) board as it just worked over the years and there were no features missing that the new processors/boards can give (as an additional UART for Spektrum). That should not mean that new boards should not be used...

A PPM signal is needed for the LPC boards. The Graupner HOTT would also work as Sergey mentioned. As he said, some receivers can be programmed to give a PPM sum signal, some (sort of hidden) instructions for the GR-16/MC-32 are in


On 11/19/2013 10:51 PM, Andreas Philipp wrote:

Dear all,

I'm completely new to PPZ and only have some (not much) experience with
conventional rc-flight using a spektrum dx6i and a graupner mx16 radio.
Now I have to buy a new radio control (among the rest) in order to build
a SUMO-like drone for meteorological measurements at university (and it
should be done quickly as always at the end of the year).

The plan is to build a SUMO-like prototype which should require as few
work and troubles as possible in order to have a working system for
learning first and then address to modifications later. The plan is to
work through the bill of material at and order the
parts from different dealers. However concerning the radio control I
don't know what's the best to do.

In the SUMO description
( the Futaba T8FG and
the Futaba T7C are used, but in fact I would tend to the DX8 radio
control which allows to use the receiver satellites (some thing I do not
understand fully yet, but which seems clever to me).

However I figured out in the wiki that "Proper Spektrum support is only
provided for the STM32 based autopilots. ", however I am not sure
whether we need to have a Umarim lite for building a SUMO or if the
Umarim could be replaced easily by an APOGEE (with all the sensor
connections and so on). It is important for me first to have a more or
less trouble free system, in order to learn how everything should work.

The RC should be easy to use (i.e. 2,4 GHz) have some additional
telemetry (especially a vario beside the PPZ system if possible) and
allow a range of up to 1-2km (as usual radios do as I understand). Eight
channels are preferred (even it is now used only with a flying wing
which just needs 3 channels for throttle and 2 rudders). A three way
switch is also important for the autopilot mode it seems. Costs for the
RC including receiver should not exceed 400 euros (550 dollars).
As far as I understand any other RC than Spektrum needs ppm-support,
which the Futaba seems to have. A ppm-encoder should be avoided.

Can anyone please give advise, which RC can be recommended for this set
up (or in general for ppz-support)?

Thanks a lot!


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