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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] multirotor failsafe

From: alonso acuña
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] multirotor failsafe
Date: Mon, 12 May 2014 18:36:54 -0600

Sounds good. Hopefully I will have the multirotor flying soon, test all this and help update the documentation.  Thanks.

On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 1:24 PM, Felix Ruess <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Alonso,

in master (and v5.1_testing which we can hopefully soon release as v5.2) the failsafes of rotorcraft are very simlar to the fixedwing failsafes now.
See for fixedwing failsafes (needs to be updated to include rotorcraft failsafes).

There are several possible modes that are triggered on different conditions:
See also (which is not yet completely up-to-date with master).
  • HOME mode: new in master with commit 33c5740, similar to fixedwing
    implemented in the nav_home function, which currently means simply flying back to the HOME waypoint at the HOME wp altitude.
    With <define name="UNLOCKED_HOME_MODE" value="TRUE"/> you can get out of HOME mode if you have valid RC and are not too_far_from_home, otherwise click on
  • FAILSAFE mode: zero roll/pitch and current heading setpoint (so hover in attitude mode but not position controlled) and descent at FAILSAFE_DESCENT_SPEED (default now 1.5 m/s)
    • if you define KILL_AS_FAILSAFE, it will go into KILL mode whenever it would normally trigger FAILSAFE
  • KILL mode: will just kill the motors, to be used as last resort

Distance triggers:
  • if too_far_from_home (defined by circle around HOME with radius MAX_DIST_FROM_HOME)
    • then go into HOME mode
  • if you get really too far from HOME (FAILSAFE_MODE_DISTANCE with default 1.5 * MAX_DIST_FROM_HOME)
    • then go into FAILSAFE_MODE_TOO_FAR_FROM_HOME (defaults to AP_MODE_FAILSAFE)

RC lost trigger:
  • if RC_REALLY_LOST in a RC mode (not KILL, HOME, FAILSAFE or NAV)
    • go into RC_LOST_MODE (default is same as before: AP_MODE_FAILSAFE)
  • nothing if in any of the other modes

GPS lost trigger (if USE_GPS):
  • if in HOME mode
    • go into AP_MODE_FAILSAFE
  • if in NAV and motors_on:
    • if NO_GPS_LOST_WITH_RC_VALID is defined and RC is ok, do nothing
    • else go into AP_MODE_FAILSAFE

Battery voltage trigger:
  • if FAILSAFE_ON_BAT_CRITICAL is defined and electrical.bat_critical (voltage below CRITIC_BAT_LEVEL with default of 9.8V)
    • go into AP_MODE_FAILSAFE

I think thats currently it.... apart from more custom exceptions you can add in your flight plan for NAV mode of course.

Cheers, Felix

On Thu, May 8, 2014 at 3:23 AM, alonso acuña <address@hidden> wrote:
Any comments? I am interested in improving and clearly documenting the failsafe functions and procedures. Hopefully this can prevent damage and injuries.  The Naza autopilot has some interesting failsafe functions which are detailed in the manual   They don't mention GPS failure. They mention low voltage but do not seem to have any automatic landing procedures in that case. So there is much room for improvement.

Probably the first step would be if there is anyone familiar with the current code who can explain where we are and then we can discuss what we would like to have and get some volunteers to get it done.



On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 2:59 PM, alonso acuña <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi. I am reading that failsafe mode just lands and gets triggered if:

- RC signal is lost (and you are not in KILL or NAV mode)

- GPS and RC is lost in NAV mode 

I am wondering what happens when GPS is lost but RC is not lost in NAV mode and what is the operator supposed to do?

I am interested in a mode with manual control (not NAV) and when RC signal is lost it would hold 3D position for a while and if signal is not restored then it would return to home.



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