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[Paparazzi-devel] powering lisa/m v2

From: Oswald Berthold
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] powering lisa/m v2
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2014 23:33:05 +0200
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hi all again,

a question about powering lisa/m v2. if powering via the servo 5V rail,
it is suggested in [1] to connect all (e.g. 4) servos (ESCs) to
signal/5V/gnd. isn't that supposed to induce differential lateral
currents among the individual BECs or is that somehow prevented?

i was anyway powering from only one ESC, which seemed insufficient for
all of lisa and the periphery. i think i've seen some weird IMU outages
due to this, the ESC got quite hot too. now using a separate UBEC.

bst, oswald


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