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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] FAA Memo + need for new autopilot features

From: onefastdaddy
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] FAA Memo + need for new autopilot features
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2014 00:25:55 -0700 (PDT)

No one should need to fly something invisible above 400' out of sight with
general aviation. That is completely foolish behavior. Unfortunately FPV
flights and autonomous sUAS flights have been mixed together as usually no
distinction is made between the two in the videos posted showing dangerous
FPV behavior. RTH to me is not sUAS operations. 

Paparazzi would be a great first platform to integration with the FAA for
sUAS for many reasons. Paparazzi is the most reliable platform out there
with documented evidence to demonstrate this. Thousands of fault free
(autopilot hardware or software) flight hours in every condition. Pick
Paparazzi because although other projects are very good let's get one
through the door first as an example for others. Set a good first example. 

How to do it is fairly straightforward. Technology is pretty much there. The
operators need some adjusting. Just some basic guidelines really and
training on professional sUAS operations. Maybe a registration with FAA?
Obviously to work they have to have someone to hold accountable and to know
who's doing what. 

Technology we need created to help this integration:
1. AIS/ADSB support. It is already COTS but we can do better. 
   a. Trivial to get BeagleBone to use an SDR dongle to pick up ADSB and AIS
   b. Paparazzi has TCAS built in already. ADSB targets could be simply
other aircraft to Paparazzi
   c. With the data from the autopilot overlaid on ADSB data you can
demonstrate and log how close / far apart aircraft are. You could enforce
separation easily and show evidence of success/failure to do so. 
   d. with an Internet connection this data could be uploaded to the FAA.
Possibly available to air traffic. I mean really not so difficult to give
ATC a Paparazzi groundstation and let them see also. At the very least
upload the data realtime or after. 
2. Some hardware should be created. Most importantly open sourced ADSB / AIS
transceiver that are inexpensive and lightweight. There should be no
financial or practical reason all sUAS should not have ADSB transmit
capabilities to make them visible. So make this hardware open and freely
available. I suppose hopefully addressing isn't an issue. Just sUAS are so
small the only hope is make them visible with technology. Like a small boat
in an ocean. It's in everyone's best interest to be seen. 

About FPV? I have nothing but praise for FAA stepping forward. RC is left
alone. Flying a model aircraft using only goggles and a small camera out of
sight above 400' AGL is putting lives at risk and completely anonymous for
the operators. Fly close to the ground I see no issue. But enter the same
skies as the manned aircraft and yes you absolutely must not be invisible
and anonymous. 

This is an old topic for me. I am certain in the archives I have mentioned
similar things. I suppose the discussion was too early to have back then. We
have new reasons to discuss them seriously now. 



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