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[Paparazzi-devel] sdlog file names for apogee

From: Andreas Philipp
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] sdlog file names for apogee
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 09:23:47 +0200
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I'm using the SDLOG function for the "humid_sht" and "airspeed_ets" modules (TEMOD-I2C-R1 would be a next candidate ...) on the APOGEE board (see below at PS for the files I use for SDLOG).

It works fine, however the filenames that are created by SDLOG cause reproducible troubles: sometimes the mechanism of counting up the file name numbers (depending on the already existing files) does not work. Instead there are filenames including negative numbers (-36 and -2147483648 (smallest 4byte integer) are frequently appearing) and these files are frequently overwriting old files with the same odd name. We have lost some measurement data (very very early in the morning :)) by this, when we switched the plane off and on after flight.

Please find four directory listing screenshots attached, each captured after switching off and on the APOGEE and after some time of measurement plugin in the USB cable to the computer respectively. First (01.png) everything is fine (pprzlog_001.LOG), next (02.png) there is an additional file pprzlog_-2147483648.LOG (ugly but containing the new data), at the next measurement (003.png) we get a pprzlog_-36.LOG which is finally (04.png) overwritten (see the size and date of the file).

It seems, the integer which is used for the filename is sometimes uninitialized or so.
I found the function "getNextFileName" in
But there the integer maxCurrentIndex is initialized to zero in line 248.

Can this be a hardware or filesystem issue? However, it happens on other APOGEE boards too. The filesystem is 8GB FAT and it happens on other (class 10) micro-SD cards too. I'm running the APOGEE on 3S Lipos and 4S Lipos and don't think it's a power issue.

I'm currently using Paparazzi version v5.4.2_stable-0-g21e8716-dirty

I know that this didn't happen half a year ago or so, however I cannot say exactly with which version ...

Can someone please help in finding this bug?



PS the modified files for using SDLOG with humid_sht and airspeed_ets were reported formerly here (still not included in git):

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