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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Getting the intruder angles from traffic_info

From: ubuntunoob
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Getting the intruder angles from traffic_info
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 17:54:11 -0700 (MST)

Not sure if the following files are sufficient. To get the intruder data
printing it took some effort and lots of help from Christophe:
- in nps_ivy_common.c on_ACINFO had to be added with the same format as in

static void on_ACINFO(IvyClientPtr app __attribute__((unused)),
                        void *user_data __attribute__((unused)),
                        int argc __attribute__((unused)), char *argv[]){
        float c = RadOfDeg((atoi(argv[1]))/10.);
        float ux = (atoi(argv[2]))/100.;
        float uy = (atoi(argv[3]))/100.;
         float a = (atoi(argv[4]))/100.; 
         float t = (atoi(argv[5]))/1000.;
        float s = (atoi(argv[6]))/100.; 
        float cl = (atoi(argv[7]))/100.;      
        uint8_t id = atoi(argv[8]);
        SetAcInfo(id,ux, uy, c, a, s, cl, t);
- traffic_info.h was modified to get the data in nps
- in my own module I tried to get it like this (and later a conversation to

  int ac_id2 = 207;
  struct ac_info_ * intr = get_ac_info(ac_id2);
  struct ac_info_ intruder;
  intruder.course = intr->course;
  intruder.east = intr->east;
  intruder.north = intr->north;

The east and north are correct, but the course is showing strange things (in
my opinion). First, I thought it was unrelated to the heading of the drone,
because it should be the direction of the velocity vector. So I tried to
keep the heading angle constant to the north and let the drone move between
waypoints, but the course showed a same constant angle 35 degrees (shouldn't
this be approximately zero?). So I tried changing the heading to the
waypoint that it was heading to and it showed an inconsistent heading. Maybe
this is right in some way, but I need the angle of the velocity vector and
this is not helping me. Since I'm forcing my drone to change the heading
before it flies to a waypoint, is it possible to use the actual 'heading' of
the drone instead of the 'course'? Don't know where I can modify the source
of the messages... Here are the log files:

With heading changes

No heading change

THANK YOU for your time, every tip is appreciated!

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