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Re: [Paperclips-discuss] Windows users: I need help

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: Re: [Paperclips-discuss] Windows users: I need help
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 20:10:35 +0100

>>> "Gokul  Singh" <address@hidden> 01-Aug-01 6:47:14 AM >>>

   I think the content-type is being returned null 

That shouldn't happen... can you make sure you're getting a null
content type because the PURLH should return application/octet-stream
if it can't find anything else.

   because the file is not a directory and we are relying 
   upon the fileNameMap to get the appropriate mime type.

No... it's when the mime.types file can't be found. We should
probably ship a default mime.types inside the paperclips.jar file.

The only reason we don't do that is that I couldn't find a simple way
of telling paperclips when it had to look there.


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