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[Paperclips-discuss] configuring the server

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: [Paperclips-discuss] configuring the server
Date: 13 Feb 2002 01:05:14 +0000

It's easy and convieniant to start Paperclips from the command line
but there is still a need to have a configuration file for starting
the server.

A configuration file can express a lot more than a command line,
which is really only good at expressing the most usual setups.

I'm just working out how I want to express a server configuration. On
one hand I'm thinking of things that would be nice to have
and on the other hand I'm thinking of how I'd implement it with

This is a rough draft of what I've got:


    <!-- only a server can have a tcp port setup.
         More than one can be declared though. -->
    <tcp port="80"/>

    <!-- specify the path where all wars will be found -->
    <warpath path="/var/local/wars:/home/nferrier/wars" />

    <!-- define the host for -->

        <!-- logging of host stuff will go to stdout -->
            <file name="1"/>

        <!-- this maps the root webapp to a FileServer serving file
             from the specified directory. -->
        <mapping pattern="/">
            <file-dir "/var/local/www" />

        <!-- this maps a real webapp to the /accounting context path -->
        <mapping pattern="/accounting">
            <web-app name="accounts.war" unpack>

                <!-- over ride the jdbc context parameter for the web app -->



    <!-- define a virtual host webapp.
         The virtual host will recieve only the http requests
         addressed to that host (ie: the ones with the HTTP "host"
         header). -->
    <host name="">

        <!-- the class nic.SpecialLogger will be wrapped around
             If the class is not a PrintWriter the host won't start. -->
            <file name="1"/>
            <class name="nic.SpecialLogger"/>

        <!-- map the root context to a webapp -->
        <mapping pattern="/">
            <web-app name="alpha-mail.war" unpack>


This would require a substantial change to the HTTPHost class because
currently it is not capable of expressing virtual hosts in a
heirarchial way.

However, I think the change is necessary so I'm prepared to make it.

Does anybody else have any thoughts?


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