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Re: [Paperclips-discuss] java -jar

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: Re: [Paperclips-discuss] java -jar
Date: 06 Mar 2002 22:31:39 +0000

Fabricio Matheus Goncalves <address@hidden> writes:

> I was not able find a search engine, its suposed i should download all 
> text archive to search? 

There should be one... if there isn't it's a savannah problem. I'll
look into it.

> > I have no problem answering repeated questions here, the list is low 
> > traffic enough. 
> Good :-) 
> Could you point me to some more verbose documentation about warpath: 
>   -w, --warpath=PATH     specify the path where .WAR files are found. 
> Specifying this 

The warpath is like the CLASSPATH. It's a collection of directorties
where war files may be found.

So if you have a file system that looks something like this:


Then you could specify the following warpath:

   --warpath /usr/local/share/java:/usr/share/java

and you would then be able to specify any one of the above war files.

A complete command line might look like this:

   java gnupaperclips -w /usr/local/share/java:/usr/share/java
                      -d somedirectory
                      my-tool.war somewebapp.war

That command line would:

- cause the default context to be "somedirectory" whatever that is

- cause the webapp


  to be loaded and bound to the path /my-tool

- cause the webapp


  to be loaded and bound to the path /somewebapp

Here are some things to note:

The -d switch can specify a warfile but it must end with a .war
extension for Paperclips to understand it.

Currently ALL webapps must be unpacked directories with a webapp

The config file provides a better means of mapping war files.

> I am not able to make it work with my war file. 

It's very possible that you have found a bug. Please let me know
exactly what you are doing.


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