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Re: [Paperclips-discuss] adding ant support to paperclips

From: Fabrício Matheus Gonçalves
Subject: Re: [Paperclips-discuss] adding ant support to paperclips
Date: 09 Sep 2002 15:22:25 -0300

Ant is in the Debian woody, that is enough to me.

I have some questions...
I need exclude some files from source dir, like gnu/inet/udptools/**
from been compiled, because that is not ready, i think.
But i could use a includesfile=filelist if you have one.
I dont know what is or where look for version number, so i let
Im putting paperclips.jar and api directory (with javadocs) inside dist
directory, insted root dir, but this is easy of change.
Tell me if you need some more targets:

Buildfile: build.xml
Main targets:

 clean      Cleans up build and dist directories
 compile    Compiles the source code
 dist       Creates distribution .jar files
 distclean  Cleans up everything
 dump-info  Echoes useful system properties
 init       Initialize
 javadoc    Creates the API documentation
 run        Starts the server

On Mon, 2002-09-09 at 05:59, address@hidden wrote:
> But if you write a script I'd be happy to accept it.

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