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[Paperclips-discuss] {Spam?} Do You Love Low-Priced St0cks?

From: Shawn Terry
Subject: [Paperclips-discuss] {Spam?} Do You Love Low-Priced St0cks?
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 03:52:18 -0800

´╗┐Smart Money Equities - Issue 1, Vol. 4

Smart Money Equities would like to thank our valued
readers for making 2005 a great year.  Please continue
to support Smart Money Equities by visiting our
sponsors and featured advertisers.

Here's our next big winner:

Vinoble, Inc.

Symb0l: VNBL
Price: .04
Short_Term: .09
Long_Term: .20
Recommendati0n: (BUY)

To All Members:

After extensive research we have picked our Best
winner for the beginning of the year. It is going to be on
the move and NOT stopping. Do Not Miss this
opportunity to turn your 500 into 2500 or 1000 into
5,000. Remember this is your chance to cash in for
the beginning of the year.

What we all know:

- America is involved in a war on terror.
- World oil prices are holding strong at record levels.
- world gold prices are holding strong at record levels.

And here comes Vinoble in the right place at the right

VNBL has been working with RFID (Radio Frequency
ID) as it relates to the oil and mining industry. This
technology allows for remote tracking of assets,
personnel, and environmental conditions.

RFID technology can create "High Security Space" in
locales where it is deemed necessary. With the current
threat to America and its resources RFID technology is
being deployed all over the country.

Vinoble has recently acquired an interest in a number of
oil and mining projects, with intent of using these
properties as a testing ground for their technology as
well as add shareholder value.

We believe that Vinoble has an impressive product at
the right time. Make sure you keep an eye on this
company especially tomorrow!

The stock is currently trading at around 4-5 cents. At
this price it could mean large profits in the very near

We believe the time to get in is now.  This st0ck is
brewing in the most profitable industries in the market.
Just imagine how much it will take off in the new-year
as the market takes off again.

As always, trade smart and have fun!


Informati0n within this emai| c0ntains
"f0rw4rd_l00king st4tements" within the meaning of
Sect1on 27A_of the Secur1t1es_Act of_1933 and
Sect10n 21B of the_Secur1t1es Exch4nge_Act
of_1934. Any_st4tements that express or inv0|ve
discussi0ns with respect to predicti0ns,_g0als,
expectati0ns, be|iefs, p|ans, pr0jecti0ns, 0bjectives
,assumptions or future events or performance are not
statements of hist0rical fact and may be "f0rw4rd
l00k1ng statements."In c0mpliance with
Sect10n_17(b), we disc|ose the p4yment of_5OOO
do||ars pri0r to the pub|ication of this report. Be aware
of an inherent conflict of interest resulting from such

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