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Re: This should not happen. Contact <address@hidden>. at parallel line 3

From: Sebastian Eiser
Subject: Re: This should not happen. Contact <address@hidden>. at parallel line 3384.
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 11:45:42 +0100

Hi, thanks for the reply!

you're right, --eta is the problem:

Il giorno 21/mar/2011 23.06, "Ole Tange" <> ha scritto:
> * Do you need to run for all the years or will it fail if you just run
> for one year?
It also fails for one year. :-/

> * Will it fail if you remove --eta (--eta is alpha quality)

> * Will it fail if you prepend 'echo' to /home/seiser/src/gtproduct-omi-old?

> * Can you run a simpler command and still make it fail?
yes, this one:
find 2006/ -type f -name *.he5 | parallel -j+0 --eta
/home/seiser/src/gtproduct-omi-old netcdf --output /dev/shm/asdf {}

> * Does it fail the same place or does it fail in different places every time?
Different places every time.

> * Does it fail if you use -j1?

> * Are your files local or on a network file system?
All files are on a general parallel file system (gpfs).

> * Can you make a set of dummy files that fails too? Maybe a copy of
> the original files but with no content: cp -rs /the/dir my_dir; find
> my_dir -type l | parallel rm {} '&&' touch {}
didn't try, let me know if you want me to test it as I didn't quite
understand what you meant. Thanks for your help.


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