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Re: This should not happen. Contact <address@hidden>. at parallel line 3

From: Sebastian Eiser
Subject: Re: This should not happen. Contact <address@hidden>. at parallel line 3384.
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2011 14:33:57 +0200

Hi Ole,
sorry for the late reply:

2011/3/22 Ole Tange <>:
> find 2006/ -type f -name *.he5 | parallel -j+0 --eta randomsleep {}
It doesn't fail with this command.

>> All files are on a general parallel file system (gpfs).
> Does it fail if you copy the files to your local filesystem first?
Unfortunately I don't have a local file system available on this machine.

>>> * Can you make a set of dummy files that fails too? Maybe a copy of
>>> the original files but with no content: cp -rs /the/dir my_dir; find
>>> my_dir -type l | parallel rm {} '&&' touch {}
I cannot make the randomsleep programme fail for the set of dummy
files, but the original command also fails here. I think it is related
to the quotes used:

Issue 3 (along with 1 and 2) ("This should not happen ....") occurs
only if I use this command line:

find my_dir/ -type f -name *.he5 | parallel --eta
/home/seiser/src/gtproduct-omi-old netcdf -m \'O3.COLUMN\' -fiv
/dev/shm/asdf {}

However, issue 3 does not occur if I remove the quotes of the command,
find my_dir/ -type f -name *.he5 | parallel --eta
/home/seiser/src/gtproduct-omi-old netcdf -o /dev/shm/asdf {}

where only issue 1 and 2 ("Use of uninitialized value in hash element
at /home/seiser/alt/usr/bin/parallel line 3284, <STDIN> line 834." and
the "{} corruption" appear.

hope this helps,

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