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Re: Vote: Should $PARALLEL_PID {#} count from 0 or 1

From: Jay Hacker
Subject: Re: Vote: Should $PARALLEL_PID {#} count from 0 or 1
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 11:27:27 -0400

I vote for 0:

* Arrays in most programming languages start at 0
* Unix tools that produce multiple files start at 0: split, csplit,
ImageMagick, pamsplit...
* Hadoop output files start at 0
* Integer division of N things numbered 0..N-1 by N maps consecutive
items the same group; 1..N does not
* Integer remainder of N things numbered 0..N-1 mod N gives nice,
ordered round-robin groups; 1..N does not
* Most clusters name their machines node000-nodeXXX
* Having to escape $(( {#} - 1 )) in Bash is not pretty

I also vote for something like {N} or {##} to get the total number of
jobs, and a switch a la 'seq -w' to pad {#} with zeros.

On Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 6:31 PM, Ole Tange <> wrote:
> I have implemented {#} as an alias for  $PARALLEL_PID in the current
> Git version. See
> It currently counts from 1 just like $PARALLEL_PID.
> Dear users: Would you prefer it counts from 0 or from 1? Please elaborate why.
> /Ole

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