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Re: configuration?

From: Matt Oates (Home)
Subject: Re: configuration?
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 15:27:53 +0000

Hi Alan,

On 29 November 2011 16:20, Alan McKay <address@hidden> wrote:
> But I don't see any documentation at all on how to configure it.  How
> do I tell it what other machines are out there to use?

AFAIK the config system is just having a file of stored command line
options, the -S host1,host2,host3  option sets what machines to use
-j0 will use all hardware threads on each machine, the config file
would just look like:

-S host1,host2,host3

There is also a way to specify different profiles/configs so you can
have named ones like   parallel --profile cluster   BLAH   parallel
--profile cluster_nice    where cluster and cluster_nice are config
files in  ~/.parallel if you wanted something global for all users you
can setup an environment variable for them all for the default config.

>From the man page of the version I use....

       The file ~/.parallel/config (formerly known as .parallelrc)
will be read if it exists.  Lines starting with '#' will be ignored.
It can be formatted like the environment variable $PARALLEL, but it is
often easier to simply
       put each option on its own line.

       Options on the command line takes precedence over the
environment variable $PARALLEL which takes precedence over the file

       If --profile set, GNU parallel will read the profile from that
file instead of ~/.parallel/config.

       Example: Profile for running every command with -j-1 and nice

         echo -j-1 nice > ~/.parallel/nice_profile
         parallel -J nice_profile bzip2 -9 ::: *

       Example: Profile for running a perl script before every command:

         echo "perl -e '\$a=\$\$; print \$a,\" \",'\$PARALLEL_SEQ',\"
\";';" > ~/.parallel/pre_perl
         parallel -J pre_perl echo ::: *

       Note how the $ and " need to be quoted using \.

       Example: Profile for running distributed jobs with nice on the
remote computers:

         echo -S .. nice > ~/.parallel/dist
         parallel -J dist --trc {.}.bz2 bzip2 -9 ::: *


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