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silly parallel bug

From: Chris X Edwards
Subject: silly parallel bug
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 16:09:21 -0800
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I'm using parallel when I can and spreading the good word about its
wholesome goodness. But one of my users found a silly bug recently.
It's almost not a bug. But maybe the bug was that the program says
there's a bug when there really isn't. Basically, you can't use sem on
a readonly system. Duh, right? 

./ line 18: dockInitPara.log: Read-only file system
parallel: This should not happen. You have found a bug.
Please contact <> and include:
* The version number: 20110322
* The bugid: Can't open semaphore file
/home/ak/.parallel/semaphores/id-dockInitPara.lock: Read-only file

Just thought you might go ahead and check for that and take it out of
the bug category. Maybe provide an error message reminding them of the
mount status of the working directory (or questioning the
user's competence). Etc. 
Best wishes,

Chris X Edwards -

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