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Re: parallel stops working for no obvious reason

From: Thomas Sattler
Subject: Re: parallel stops working for no obvious reason
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 11:12:36 +0200
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Am 26.03.2012 17:30, schrieb Thomas Sattler:
>> This happend last week with v20120222, I'll give it another
>> try with v20120322 today.
> Might be fixed in 20120322: the job is still running and >500000
> files have been created. At least, 201202222 stopped earlier.

No real news: 'parallel' is still running. Nearly 1,600,000 jobs
run so far. 201202222 definitely stopped before 700,000.  I'll
keep it running until everything is done, but I'll only reply
to this mail, if another error occurs.


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