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-M breaks command

From: Calvin Morrison
Subject: -M breaks command
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2012 12:48:20 -0400


When I add the -M flag to my parallel command, it breaks. Sometimes I
get an error about temporary files in my home directory.

That got me thinking - all of my home directories are identical on all
boxes (our users home directories are all stored on a a single network
drive at our Uni, and are mounted on whatever machine you are using).
Are these file interfering with eachother?

Taking away the -M option makes it work fine.

It seems that the output is getting cutoff for some reason? It breaks
at some point (after several hundred commands, also it seems to be
randomly starting at 10,000ish.png rather than 1.png with the -M
Command?), if you look at the first command below it is correct, but
the next one is truncated to just Last10M.

convert -composite -compose Difference
-contrast-stretch 90%x%0% -threshold 30%

convert -composite -compose Difference
-contrast-stretch 90%x%0% -threshold 30%

I am pretty lost and probably explained my problems extraordinarily badly.

Has anyone run into similar problems?

Calvin Morrison

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