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ulimit memory to 1/X'th of physical memory for jobs

From: Ole Tange
Subject: ulimit memory to 1/X'th of physical memory for jobs
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2012 12:54:34 +0200

I just swapped a machine to death by starting 1 jobs per CPU on a 48
core machine. The problem was that each job took more than 1/48th of
the memory.

That got me thinking: Would it make sense to have a setting in GNU
Parallel that automatically run 'ulimit ' with the relevant amount of
memory, so if you ask for X jobs to be run on a given server, then
each job is only allowed 1/X'th of the memory on the machine. If the
jobs takes more than that, it gets out-of-memory when it tries to
allocate more memory.

I am pretty sure it does make sense to have that. But would it also
make sense to have this as default (with an option to override it)? Or
will that be an unpleasant surprise?

For most situations it will not make a difference, so I am interested
in whether you will anticipate more surprise by having your big job
killed or the happyness by not swapping the machine to death?


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