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GNU Parallel Enhancement request

From: Roberts, Evan
Subject: GNU Parallel Enhancement request
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 23:31:41 +0000

Hello All,

I'm an enthusiastic user of Parallel and S3cmd to upload blob data to Amazon 
Web services. 

I'd like to suggest a changes to the formatting of the progress/ETA message.  
Today the ETA message looks like this:

ETA: 22476s 186left 118.51avg  local:16/70/100%/118.5s

I would like to see it formatted like this:

ETA: 22476s Left:186 AVG:118.51  Local:16/70/100%/118.5s

The reason behind my request is  the "l" (lower case ell) in "left" looks very 
similar to a 1 (one).  I usually mistake it for a 1 and have a brief moment of 
panic thinking I have thousands of jobs left when I only started with 256.  

I also am not sure I understand the difference between the  "118.51avg" and 
"../118.5s".  I can see they are the average time for a job to complete. Is one 
of the this computer and one for jobs overall?

Best Regards,

Evan R.

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