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Re: Replacement strings

From: Achim Gratz
Subject: Re: Replacement strings
Date: Fri, 04 Jul 2014 23:08:10 +0200
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Ole Tange writes:
>> This is also fantastically complicated to type, depending on the keyboard
>> language and how you get at the alternate characters.  If you are insisting
>> on the braces, then please consider at least using {~ ... ~}.
> I am open to other ideas. To type: {= I use 4 key presses on my Danish
> keyboard. To type {~ I use 5. So from a pure key press aspect ~ is
> worse than = for Danish keyboards.

I'm not familiar with danish input methods, but the first one is
 AltGr-7 Shift-8 while the second one is AltGr-7+ for me.  The braces
 are not comfortably reached either way since the AltGr is not available
 on the left hand side of the keyboard, but at least one doesn't have to
 switch between two modifiers in mid-flight.

> To me it is more important that it looks nice/is readable than whether
> it is hard to type.

Since I'd use this on the comand line I'd be concerned about the typing
aspect, too.

> I am open to other digraphs. I will prefer that they are not
> interpreted by the shell and that their frequency in perl code is
> minimal.

That's a tall order, as among these all non-alphanumeric characters are
used up.

> I have analyzed 2 GB of perl code. Here are the frequencies:
> So far I have focused on using a mirrored bigram, because that
> resembles the {} construct used so far. But other bigrams may work,
> too. An option could be: ^^ (frequency 9900 compared to 5162 for '{=
> =}'). ^^ has the benefit of not being interpreted by neither bash nor
> tcsh:

But it is used for redirecting to STDERR in fish... the degree ° isn't
used anywhere I know, but unfortunately also almost inaccessible on some
keyboard layouts (your frequency table speaks of that I suppose).

> Feel free to look at the frequencies and see if you can find something
> you prefer.

Of all the easily typable digraphs ,, stands out, IMHO.

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