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Re: Dynamically changing remote servers list

From: Rob Sargent
Subject: Re: Dynamically changing remote servers list
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2014 12:32:11 -0600

I have not been following this thread closely but the notion of a threaded GNU 
Parallel troubles me.  I use it to distribute jobs which may or may not be 
themselves multithreaded and I set --jobs according to the level of threading.  
I would not want to have to consider parallel's as part of the mix (unless of 
course I could force it to be single-threaded).

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> On Aug 17, 2014, at 11:00 AM, ChessDoter <> wrote:
> Hi,
>> Am 17.08.2014 um 12:30 schrieb
>> GNU Parallel is (as crazy as it sounds) mostly serial.
> Ah! So you already understand what the weird point is.
> But since fixing the problem at its root requires a different mindset, i 
> question if you want to do that NOW, as it might turn out to be quite a 
> difficult rewrite and not worth the effort at this point.
> Of course, as far as learning goes and the lifecycle of GNU Parallel in 
> general, it might very well be desirable - as a more longterm perspective - 
> to find a way into the realms of parallel processing. I guess a couple of 
> advantages would come from that.
> I myself might not be a good supporter at that stage, as neither do i have a 
> lot of experience in the problem field, nor am i using GNU Parallel a lot, i 
> am mostly using it as a replacement for xargs, because of its easier syntax.
> just my 2 cents.
> regards

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