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GNU Parallel processing of SIGTERM: proposal 2

From: Martin d'Anjou
Subject: GNU Parallel processing of SIGTERM: proposal 2
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2015 20:10:10 -0400
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Hello Ole and GNU Parallel readers,

I am staring anew because I have taken a different approach than the one I documented in the other emails I have sent.

This time, I updated the documentation first, so as to describe the new features I am proposing.

I have pushed the feature description to github:

The problems I try to address are:
- I would like GNU parallel to send SIGTERM to the jobs when kill -TERM is issued to GNU parallel, because I do not want GNU Parallel to wait for those jobs to run to full completion, I want them to terminate but do so gracefully, then pass control back to GNU Parallel. - I need a longer grace period than the hardcoded 200ms delay. Because some jobs are part of a bigger chain of scripts where delays can be long.

To provide a flexible and general answer to termination handling, I am proposing to optionally let the user choose a custom signal termination sequence, but keep the default one in place if the user does not need a different one. The default termination sequence is TERM, wait 200ms, TERM, wait 200ms, KILL.

Should I also publish the documentation changes I posted to github on this mailing list?

The termination sequence is used when --timeout expires. It is currently used under other conditions?

Thank you,

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