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Re: parallel + blast + LSF

From: Martin d'Anjou
Subject: Re: parallel + blast + LSF
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2015 23:38:22 -0400
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Just want to say thanks for all the advice. I am exploring more ways of doing things now. I can't do without LSF, and I want to leverage GNU parallel as much as I can rather than writing my own scripts.

There are limits to what each tool can do, so in the end I'll have to marry them, I just have to find the right mix.


On 15-04-15 04:32 PM, George Marselis wrote:
> You could use parallel to submit jobs, but its a very bad idea, due to the limitations of the software. 

and by that, I mean the limitations of the LSF software. 

Parallel rocks. Ole rocks. 

Next Parallel Release should be named "GNU Terry Pratchett"

Let me know which option is better for you.
> As with regard to Martin, he should not use parallel for 

^-- this is your brain on Perl. 

Best Regards,


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