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Rsync with GNU parallel issue

From: Jagat Jyoti Mishra
Subject: Rsync with GNU parallel issue
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2015 07:29:36 -0400


We are trying to execute gnu parallel in one of our shell scripts but failing to do so as there seems to be some problems with the parameters passed with rsync.

Can anybody please help ?

 sh --parallel=1 rsync --files-from=/tmp/tmp.2JIIgdbtXR/chunk.0 -avz  -e ssh --progress /home/user/Desktop/Linux.iso address@hidden:/home/user/rsync | tee result2.log

set -e

# Usage:
# [--parallel=N] [rsync args...]
# Options:
#   --parallel=N    Use N parallel processes for transfer. Defaults to 10.
# Notes:
#   * Requires GNU Parallel
#   * Use with ssh-keys. Lots of password prompts will get very annoying.
#   * Does an itemize-changes first, then chunks the resulting file list and launches N parallel
#     rsyncs to transfer a chunk each.
#   * be a little careful with the options you pass through to rsync. Normal ones will work, you
#     might want to test weird options upfront.

 if [[ "$1" == --parallel=* ]]; then

echo "Using up to $PARALLEL processes for transfer..."

TMPDIR=$(mktemp -d)
trap "rm -rf $TMPDIR" EXIT

echo "Figuring out file list..."
# sorted by size (descending)
/usr/bin/rsync $@ --out-format="%l %n" --no-v --dry-run | sort -n -r > /$TMPDIR/files.all

# check for nothing-to-do
TOTAL_FILES=$(cat $TMPDIR/files.all | wc -l)
if [ "$TOTAL_FILES" -eq "0" ]; then
    echo "Nothing to transfer :)"
    exit 0

function array_min {
    # return the (index, value) of the minimum element in the array
    IC=($(tr ' ' '\n' <<<$@ | cat -n | sort -k2,2nr | tail -n1))
    echo $((${IC[0]} - 1)) ${IC[1]}

echo "Calculating chunks..."
# declare chunk-size array
for ((I = 0 ; I < PARALLEL ; I++ )); do

# add each file to the emptiest chunk, so they're as balanced by size as possible
while read FSIZE FPATH; do
    MIN=($(array_min address@hidden))
    CHUNKS["${MIN[0]}"]=$((${CHUNKS["${MIN[0]}"]} + $FSIZE))
    echo $FPATH >> $TMPDIR/chunk.${MIN[0]}
done < $TMPDIR/files.all

find "$TMPDIR" -type f -name "chunk.*" -printf "\n*** %p ***\n" -exec cat {} \;

echo "Starting transfers..."
find "$TMPDIR" -type f -name "chunk.*" | parallel -j $PARALLEL -t --verbose --progress rsync --files-from={} $@


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