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Re: -0/--null behavior with --pipe

From: Jean-Baptiste Denis
Subject: Re: -0/--null behavior with --pipe
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2018 15:45:55 +0200
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--recstart and --recend are for --pipe. -d (and -0) is for normal use.

OK. I'm not able to make it work :

cat abc0-file | parallel --recend '\0' --pipe cat

I feel stupid.

You can, however, combine them:

seq 1000000 | parallel -0 -j3 --block 60k --round-robin --pipe echo
This worker is {}\;wc ::: red green blue

And thus you can also do:

printf '%s\0' red green blue > rgb.null
seq 1000000 | parallel -0 -j3 --block 60k --round-robin --pipe echo
This worker is {}\;wc :::: rgb.null

Those two examples are working fine.

I think you are looking for --recend.

Help me change the documentation, so this would be more clear to you.

Only if I manage to make it work =)


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