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Re: [Partysip-dev] IPv6

From: Anthony Liu
Subject: Re: [Partysip-dev] IPv6
Date: 03 Jun 2003 18:38:15 +0800

Hi, Matthias,

I modified kphone to support IPv6.
You can download it at my page:
I'm using it with partysip.

I also modified partysip to support IPv6. It is for linux only because
I have no knowledge about other platforms. By the way, ip6tables in does
not support NAT. It is virtually impossible to perform NAT on linux in
the same way IPv4 does. But if you only need the support for RTP
streams. You can write a simple socket program and modify the psp_nat.c
under src directory to achieve that. I've written one for my thesis,
but it is very limited to my special environment. I'll not modify the
NAT part of partysip until my thesis is finished. That will be late


在 週二, 2003-06-03 17:29, Matthias Rieber 寫道:
> Hi,
> Leva schrieb:
> > Hi all,
> >
> >
> > Now almost all exams is over, I want to test partysip in a IPv6 cloud. How 
> > to
> > compile partysip to have IPv6 support? I have 0.6.0. It does not accept any
> > IPv6 address in the ServerIP field.
> I'm not sure, have you tried:
> CFLAGS="-DHAVE_GETADDRINFO -DIPV6_SUPPORT" ./configure && {as usual}
> matthias
> PS: Which clients are known to work with partysip AND the nat feature. I
> tried SIPPS, linphone and X-LITE but without real success
> (often oneway rtp traffic)?
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