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[Partysip-dev] PartySIP compliance to RFC

From: Chintan Thakker
Subject: [Partysip-dev] PartySIP compliance to RFC
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 11:51:33 -0500
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We need a server that is compliant to the rfc3261 standard to test our product. I was wondering if the latest partysip server was compliant to rfc3261 or rfc2543 ? I am currently running windows XP and have downloaded both 'partysip-0.5.0-win32-bin' and 'partysip-0.5.5-2-win32-bin'. I can get 'partysip-0.5.0-win32-bin' working but the 0.5.5-2 gives me a problem (some entry point not found in MSVCRTD.dll)
  Since partysip uses oSIP, does the rfc compliance come from oSIP ?
What version of rfc does 0.5.0 support ? what version does 0.5.5-2 support ?

 Thanks in advance,

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