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[Patch-gnuradio] Quickie to Fix 'sourk'

From: Michael Dickens
Subject: [Patch-gnuradio] Quickie to Fix 'sourk'
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 12:02:13 -0500

When the gr-uhd grc xml files are created, the logic to determine whether 
'source' or 'sink' is created from the python script is too broad in searching 
scope because the complete file path to the output script is provided (e.g., if 
the full path were "/foo/source/bar/uhd_usrp_sink.xml", then the 'source' would 
be selected because 'source' was found).  We really want to switch based solely 
on the output file name -- so, instead of doing a broad search, just do 
"endswith".  The attached patch does just that, and solves this issue for me. - 

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