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Re: [Phpcompta-support] two question

From: Dany De Bontridder
Subject: Re: [Phpcompta-support] two question
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2008 16:59:02 +0100

Alain Delmotte writes:

I am just discovering phpcompta (one and an half day).
As far as I see, it is promising.

I am working with Windows XP (I had to for my work, as there was no comptability software on Linux :-)), so eventually I'll migrate to Linux, if...)

I have questions:
1) I have EasyPHP with MySQL installed, is it possible to have Postgrsql next to MySQL without problems and conflicts?
And is it easy to go to one or the other?

Dany : well, someone who takes in charge the port to mysql will be welcome, but up to now, there is no plan to support mySql, the problem is the time : I don't have enough time to develop for mysql, test twice the application (once with mySQL, once with postgresql...), explaining how to change the database, test of the patch...

2) Why should I create a specific user (not admin) to use phpCompta?
Is it only for security (one more password before to reach the books) or is it required by Postgrsql or phpcompta?
I am going to use the system on a stand alone machine (local server) and I do not really need loads of passwords (I do not use with my present bookkeeping software)

Ok, to be short: one application, one owner : so we need an owner for phpcompta's databases, so it means we need a postgresql user. With mysql, often root is the owner, it is not the case here, root can't access postgresql if it is not granted (except if he becomes the super user postgres). It's also a question of security, the password of the superuser is not written in files, the password is the one of the phpcompta user.

[3) Extra question, but I already know the answer = no]
Is it possible to export the parameters (like clients' parameters,...) from another system?
I use Ciel! Evolution and I already have many clients and suppliers!

Everything is possible in IT, it is just a matter of competence, motivation and time.

Are you developper ? If yes you can use the class_supplier and class_customer to insert data, I can make a short explanation of this. WIth these objects, it is easy to create and object customer (or supplier), to fill them with required data and to save them into the database.

You need +/- 25 lines of code to do that (including the parsing of your files), it is not as difficult.





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