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From: nomail
Subject: [Phpgroupware-cvs] fudforum/setup/base/thm/default/i18n/japanese/help/readingposting.hlp,
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 02:26:26 +0200

Update of /fudforum/setup/base/thm/default/i18n/japanese/help
Added Files:
        Branch: Version-0_9_16-branch

date: 2004/08/01 00:26:26;  author: itheart;  state: Exp;  lines: +230 -0

Log Message:
Bug #9839 commit.
TOPIC_TITLE: <a name="style">How to format text?</a>
Generally, messages on the forum are mostly plain text, however on occasion you 
may want to add 
some formatting to your text, such as making certain words bold,italics,etc...
Since in most cases the admin does not permit you to use HTML inside your 
posts, you can use FUDcode, which is a special 
set of tags that allows you to apply certain formatting to your text. FUDcode 
is very easy to use and is a lot more secure then HTML.
<b>Here is a list of the supported FUDcode tags & short examples on it's 

<b>URL Hyperlinking</b><br><br>

The forum can automatically pick up on many forms of URLs, for example:<br>
        <div align="Center"><font 
will be automatically picked up as a URL and converted to a valid URL, which 
will look like this:
        <div align="center"><a href=""; 
You can create a URL yourself by using FUD code also, this can be done in 2 
ways, a simple way works like this:
        <div align="Center"><b><font color="#ff0000">[URL]<font 
this will result in a generation fo the following link:
        <div align="center"><a href=""; 
You can add a description to your URL by using a different syntax inside the 
<font color="#ff0000"><b>[URL=<font 
color="#006600"></font>]<font color="#006600">My 
Homepage</font>[/URL]</b></font> this code will result in the following:<br>
        <div align="center"><a href=""; 
target=_blank>My Homepage</a></div><br>
<b>Email Hyperlinking</b><br><br>
         To create an email link simply type the email address as it would
 normally    appear, for example:<br>
<div align="Center"><font color="#ff0000"><b>address@hidden</b></font></div><br>
       the forum will automatically understand this create a link.  In addition
   it is also possible to create a real email hyperlink using this  format<br>
<div align="Center"><font color="#ff0000"><b>[email=<font 
color="#006600">address@hidden</font>]</b></font>Click here to email our tech 
support<font color="#ff0000"><b>[/email]</b></font><br></div>
<b>Text Styling</b><br>
         There are a number of tags which you can use to style text, they 
  <li><font color="#ff0000"><b>[b]</b></font>bold<font color="#ff0000"><b>
         [/b]</b></font> produces <b>bold</b> text</li>
  <li><font color="#ff0000"><b>[u]</b></font>underline<font color="#ff0000"><b>
         [/u]</b></font> produces <u>underlined</u> text</li>
  <li><font color="#ff0000"><b>[i]</b></font>italic<font color="#ff0000"><b>
         [/i]</b></font> produces <i>italicized</i> text</li>
         It is also possible to control color/size and even font face.<br>
  <li><font color="#ff0000"><b>[color=red]</b></font>red text<font 
         [/color]</b></font> produces <font color="#ff0000">red text</font></li>
  <li><font color="#ff0000"><b>[size=4]</b></font>big text<font 
        [/size]</b></font> produces text in the specified <font size="4">
  <li><font color="#ff0000"><b>[font=courier]</b></font>text<font 
        [/font]</b></font> produces text using the named <font face="Courier 
New, Courier, monospace">
        type face</font></li>
        It is also possible to combine various formatting tags:<br>
<div align="Center"><font 
       this example produces:<br>
<div align="Center"> &nbsp;&nbsp; <font color="#ff0000" size="10" face="Courier 
New, Courier, monospace"><u><i><b>Formatted Text</b></i></u></font></div>
<b>Text Alignment</b><br>
FUDcode supports text alignment via the [align] tag, which allows your to align 
your text in 3 ways:
        <li><font color="#ff0000"><b>[align=center]</b></font>centered 
text<font color="#ff0000"><b>[/align]</b></font> produces:</li>
                <div align="center">centered text</div>
        <li><font color="#ff0000"><b>[align=left]</b></font>left aligned<font 
color="#ff0000"><b>[/align]</b></font> produces:</li>
                <div align="left">left aligned</div>
        <li><font color="#ff0000"><b>[align=right]</b></font>right aligned<font 
color="#ff0000"><b>[/align]</b></font> produces:</li>
                <div align="right">right aligned</div>  
<b>Various Lists</b><br>
      You can create various kinds of lists using Form Code:<br>
      Un-ordered bulleted list:<br>
<font color="#ff0000"><b>[list]</b></font><br>
<font color="#ff0000"><b>[*]</b></font>first item<br>
<font color="#ff0000"><b>[*]</b></font>second item<br>
<font color="#ff0000"><b>[/list]<br>
      would produce<br>
  <li>first item</li>
  <li>second item</li>
      It is possible to use various kinds of lists, for example to create 
an  numerical  ordered list:<br>
<font color="#ff0000"><b>[list type=1]</b></font><br>
<font color="#ff0000"><b>[*]</b></font>first item<br>
<font color="#ff0000"><b>[*]</b></font>second item<br>
<font color="#ff0000"><b>[/list]</b></font><br>
     which produces<br>
  <li>first item</li>
  <li>second item<br>
     to create an A-Z list:<br>
<font color="#ff0000"><b>[list type=A]</b></font><br>
<font color="#ff0000"><b>[*]</b></font>first item<br>
<font color="#ff0000"><b>[*]</b></font>second item<br>
<font color="#ff0000"><b>[/list]</b></font><br>
     which produces:<br>
<ol type="a">
  <li>first item</li>
  <li>second item</li>
<b>Adding Images</b><br>
    It is possible to include in-line images with the message. using the <font 
    [img][/img]</b></font> tags. <br>
    so, for example,<br>
<div align="Center">&nbsp;<font color="#ff0000"><b>[img]</b></font><font 
color="#ff0000"><b>[/img]</b></font>, <br></div>
    will insert an image in the message as such:<br>
<div align="Center"><img src=""; 
alt=""; width="409" height="62"><br></div>
    in addition you can create links to images by enclosing them inside a
<font color="#ff0000"><b>    [url][/url]</b></font> tags such as<br>
<div align="Center"><font color="#006600"><font color="#ff0000"><b>[url=<font 
    which will create a linked image such as<br>
<div align="Center"><a href="";><img 
src=""; alt="image" width="409" 
height="62" border="0"></a><br></div><br>

<br><b>Quoting other messages</b><br>
  It is possible to quote something that has already been posted, by just 
putting <font color="#ff0000"><b>[quote][/quote]</b></font> tags around it. 
<div align="Center"><font color="#ff0000"><b>[quote]</b></font>hello world<font 
  would appear such as:<br>

<table border="0" align="center" width="20%" cellpadding="3" 
cellspacing="1"><tr><td class="SmallText"><b>Quote:</b></td></tr><tr><td 
class="quote">Hello World<br></td></tr></table>
<b>Computer Code and Pre-formatted Text</b><br>
 The <font color="#ff0000"><b>[code][/code]</b></font> tags allows to post 
text exactly as it is, maintaining relational formatting such as tabs and 
spaces. <br>
 it used like this: <br>
<font color="#ff0000"><b>[code]</b></font>
<pre>$fp = fopen('somefile', 'w');<br>if ( !$fp ) {<br> exit('no such 
file!');<br>}<br>else { <br>      fwrite($fp, 'hello world');<br> 
<font color="#ff0000"><b>[/code]</b></font><br>
 which produces the text exactly as it was typed maintaining the formatting. 
<pre>$fp = fopen('somefile', 'w');<br>if ( !$fp ) {<br> exit('no such 
file!');<br>}<br>else { <br>      fwrite($fp, 'hello world');<br> 

You may also find that the administrator has enabled smilies, which allow
you to use small icons to convey emotion, and the [img] code, which allows
you to add pictures to your message.

TOPIC_TITLE: <a name="sml">What are Smilies/Emoticons?</a> 
Smilies are small icons that you can insert into your message to convey various 
emotions & feelings.
If smilies are enabled, a list of smilies supported by the forum will be listed 
above the message box where you type your message.
Clicking on a smiley, will insert that smiley into your message.<br>
Common smilies may automatically be replaced with their equivalent images, if 
you do not wish for that to happen, click on the 
<b>Disable Smilies</b> checkbox.<p>

TOPIC_TITLE: <a name="polls">How do I use Polls?</a>
In certain forums you may have the ability to include polls inside your 
messages. Polls allow you to ask a question and 
provide a number of answers other forum members may choose from. For the sake 
of accuracy only registered users may cast in 
their votes.<br>
When you click on the <b>CREATE POLL</b> link, located on the post page a 
pop-up will appear allowing to create a poll with several 
potential multiple choice answers. When you are done, simply click on the 
<b>Edit</b> button and you will be taken back to the post page 
and then poll you've created will be attached to the message.<br>
You can edit an existing poll, by clicking on the <b>EDIT</b> link, or you can 
remove the poll entirely by click on the <b>DELETE</b>.
You will only have 1 opportunity to vote in a poll, so make your decision 
careful, you will not be able to change it at a later point.

TOPIC_TITLE: <a name="attach">Can I attach files to messages?</a>
If allowed by administrator, you may attach one or more files to your normal as 
well as private messages. This ability is 
determined on a forum by forum basis, so while you may be able to attach files 
in one forum you may not be able to do so in another.
The post form will list 3 rules which apply to your file attachments:<p>
<b>Allowed File Types</b> - a list of file types that you may attach to your 
message. ex. jpg, gif. png<br>
<b>Maximum File Size</b> - the maximum size of each file that you may attach to 
your message<br>
<b>Maximum Files per Message</b> - the number of files you can attach to your 
To attach a file to a message, click the <b>Browse</b> button at the bottom of 
the post page. In response your browser will 
open a dialog window allowing your to select a file you wish to upload from 
your hard drive. Once you've selected a file, click on the
<b>Upload File</b> button to attach the file to your message.<br>
If you wish to remove any attached files, simply click on the <b>Delete</b> 
located to the right of the file.

TOPIC_TITLE: <a name="msgico">What's a post icon?</a>
Post icons are small images that you can choose to show beside your messages. 
They are most 
commonly used to indicate the nature of your message or the feeling your are 
trying to convey.
If you do not see those icons on the post form, it means the administrator has 
disabled this feature.

TOPIC_TITLE: <a name="edit">Can I edit my message?</a>
If you are a registered member, you may be able to edit messages that you have 
previously posted. This option may be 
time-limited, so it is possible that you'll be able to edit your recent posts, 
while unable to edit posts made a while ago.<br>
If you edit your post, a small note will be prepended to your message, showing 
that this message was edited by you and indicate the time & date 
of editing.<br>
If a moderator or an administrator have edited your message you may or may not, 
depending on the forum settings see a note identifying the fact 
that this message was edited.

TOPIC_TITLE: <a name="mod">Who are the moderators & administrators?</a> 
Moderators are "super users" who generally oversee one or more forums. They 
have the ability to edit, delete, approve messages as well 
as make forum announcements. These are the people to contact if you see 
something inappropriate being done in a forum they are moderating. 
You may also address moderators if you have any questions in regard on how to 
use the forum.<p>
Administrators are the controllers of the forum, they can do ANYTHING, so be 
polite when talking to them ;-). Administrator in addition to being 
able to do everything a moderator can do, also can approve Avatars, assign & 
remove custom tags, block users and respond to various forum questions.
If you encounter any bugs with the forum, Administrator is the person to 

TOPIC_TITLE: <a name="cens">Censorship?</a>
The administrator may choose to censor certain words, those words would be 
replaced by the administrator's chosen alternative. Censorship is forum wide, 
so the same things you cannot see, other people will also not be able to see.

TOPIC_TITLE: <a name="not">Can I be notified of replies to my messages?</a> 
When you post a new topic or make a reply to an existing topic, you may choose 
to be notified via Email or ICQ (select via your profile) 
of the replies. You can also subscribe to a topic without posting a reply, by 
clicking on the <b>Subscribe</b> link at the top of the page or if you 
want you can subscribe to a forum, so that whenever a new topic is made in that 
forum you will receive a notification about it.
If you choose to stop receiving notifications from a topic or forum, you can 
click on the <b>Un-subscribe</b> link, while viewing that topic or forum.
Or go to the <b>Subscriptions</b> tab in your profile and remove the topic or 
forum from that list.
The ability to receive notifications is limited to registered users.

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