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[Phpgroupware-cvs] phpgwapi/setup phpgw_nl.lang

From: Dave Hall
Subject: [Phpgroupware-cvs] phpgwapi/setup phpgw_nl.lang
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 09:18:42 +0000

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/phpgwapi
Module name:    phpgwapi
Changes by:     Dave Hall <address@hidden>      06/02/22 09:18:42

Modified files:
        setup          : phpgw_nl.lang 

Log message:
        converted to utf8 using find and iconv


Index: phpgwapi/setup/phpgw_nl.lang
diff -u phpgwapi/setup/phpgw_nl.lang:1.14 phpgwapi/setup/phpgw_nl.lang:1.15
--- phpgwapi/setup/phpgw_nl.lang:1.14   Thu Dec 30 06:47:33 2004
+++ phpgwapi/setup/phpgw_nl.lang        Wed Feb 22 09:18:42 2006
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
 august common  nl      Augustus
 cancel common  nl      Annuleren
 change common  nl      Veranderen
-charset        common  nl      iso-8859-1
+charset        common  nl      utf-8
 clear  common  nl      Wissen
 clear form     common  nl      Formulier wissen
 comments       common  nl      Opmerkingen
@@ -87,13 +87,13 @@
 previous page  common  nl      Vorige pagina
 print  common  nl      Afdrukken
 priority       common  nl      Prioriteit
-private        common  nl      Privé
+private        common  nl      Privé
 rename common  nl      Hernoemen
 saturday       common  nl      Zaterdag
 save   common  nl      Opslaan
 search common  nl      Zoeken
 september      common  nl      September
-session has been killed        common  nl      Sessie is beëindigd
+session has been killed        common  nl      Sessie is beëindigd
 show all       common  nl      laat alles zien
 showing %1     common  nl      weergegeven: %1
 showing %1 - %2 of %3  common  nl      weergegeven: %1 - %2 van %3

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