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[Phpgroupware-cvs] Obesity is really widespread

From: Bryan
Subject: [Phpgroupware-cvs] Obesity is really widespread
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2006 04:08:53 -0900

My name is Carol XXX and I am 43 years old and reside in XXX.
I have high blood pressure and weighed 178lbs. I started taking
your product HOODIA in the beginning of March because my physician
told me I needed to lose weight to get off my blood pressure 
medication and your product was the only one I could find 
that had no stimulants or caffeine. Since I started taking HOODIA
I have lost 12 lbs and it has helped me make the correct food choices.
Best of all it has completely stopped my cravings for ice cream 
at night, which has been downfall all along. I showed the bottle 
to my physician and he now recommends it to his patients after 
seeing my results.

Carol XXX - Currently 166 lbs

I know it is the HOODIA that has made me lose weight 
because I have changed nothing else, in fact I only walk
two times a week. But now I am so confident I think I will
try to do it a few more times and see where it gets me. 
I love the fact that I am getting weight loss results 
without any bad side effects like the other products 
that have stimulants in them. So I just had to write 
and give you my testimonial to say I am happy I gained 
my body back and since losing weight, I am ready to 
become more active and attractive than I have ever been.
Thanks So Much,
Patricia Strate - Currently 137 lbs

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