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[Phpgroupware-cvs] phpbrain inc/ inc/hoo...

From: Dave Hall
Subject: [Phpgroupware-cvs] phpbrain inc/ inc/hoo...
Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 05:49:39 +0000

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/phpgroupware
Module name:    phpbrain
Changes by:     Dave Hall <address@hidden>      06/05/09 05:49:38

Added files:
        inc            : 
        setup          : phpgw_ca.lang phpgw_cs.lang phpgw_da.lang 
                         phpgw_es-es.lang phpgw_eu.lang phpgw_fi.lang 
                         phpgw_hr.lang phpgw_hu.lang phpgw_it.lang 
                         phpgw_iw.lang phpgw_lv.lang phpgw_nl.lang 
                         phpgw_no.lang phpgw_pl.lang phpgw_pt-br.lang 
                         phpgw_ru.lang phpgw_sl.lang phpgw_sv.lang-new 
                         phpgw_zh-tw.lang phpgw_zh.lang 
        templates/base : admin_maint.tpl adv_search.tpl basic_search.tpl 
                         browse.tpl cat_list.tpl config.tpl 
                         delete_cat.tpl edit_article.tpl edit_faq.tpl 
                         faq_sum.tpl footer.tpl form.tpl 
                         globcats_form.tpl listglobcats.tpl 
                         mail_article.tpl main.tpl maintain_articles.tpl 
                         maintain_questions.tpl popup_search.tpl 
                         preference_acl_row.tpl preference_colspan.tpl 
                         print_article.tpl question.tpl showitem.tpl 
                         unanswered.tpl view_article.tpl 
        templates/base/css: base.css 
        templates/base/images: 1stars.png 2stars.png 3stars.png 
                               4stars.png 5stars.png answer.png 
                               articleprint.png check.png mail.png 

Log message:
        new version of phpbrain with the correct headers, not that different to 
the current 16 version - sourced from ego, considered legit as the dumb fuck 
dev unlawfully editted the headers


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