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[Phpgroupware-tracker] [ 100562 ] all.14RC2.tar.gz Email Broken

From: nobody
Subject: [Phpgroupware-tracker] [ 100562 ] all.14RC2.tar.gz Email Broken
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 00:32:17 -0500

Support Request #100562, was updated on 2002-Mar-10 05:32
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Category: Bug Report
Status: Open
Priority: 5
Summary: all.14RC2.tar.gz Email Broken

By: skwashd
Date: 2002-Mar-10 05:32

Logged In: YES 
Browser: Mozilla/4.75 [en] (X11; U; Linux 2.2.16-22smp i686)

I downloaded the .14RC2 tar ball today and email was
completely broken.  Thought you might like to know and
how to fix it.

Any calls to any pages that contain email code returns
the following error

Parse error: parse error in
on line 1316

There is a long block comment which starts on line 1239
and ends at 1305.  The second end comment (*/) was
causing it to break.  

Solution Delete line 1316

Keep up the good work

Dave Hall

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