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[Phpgroupware-tracker] [ 100632 ] NIS Authentication with autoaccount ge

From: nobody
Subject: [Phpgroupware-tracker] [ 100632 ] NIS Authentication with autoaccount gen
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 09:25:52 -0500

Support Request #100632, was updated on 2002-Mar-20 15:25
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Category: Bug Report
Status: Open
Priority: 5
Summary: NIS Authentication with autoaccount gen

By: antw
Date: 2002-Mar-20 15:25

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NIS Authentication with autogeneration of accounts
fails quite horribly with a PHP error message.

Works fine if you precreate the account in the SQL
database and just leave authentication to the NIS.

A small and dirty hack in the file:

within the create() function changing:
$this->passwd, $this->passwd_type) ||
== 'g' )
                                return False;


$this->passwd, $this->passwd_type))
                                return False;

Not really sure what the check for 'g' account type is
supposed to do, only that it trys to access the
database before the account is created in the next if

I am going to look for a cleaner solution to this issue
that leaves that check in the code in some form and
submit a patch unless someone else fixes it first.

This is a major issue for us since we have many
thousands of NIS users and I'd rather not have to keep
double records.

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