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[Phpgroupware-tracker] [Bug #1131] "Send/Receive updates via EMail" don

From: nobody
Subject: [Phpgroupware-tracker] [Bug #1131] "Send/Receive updates via EMail" don't work
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 10:56:04 -0500

=================== BUG #1131: LATEST MODIFICATIONS ==================

Changes by: Ralf Becker <address@hidden>
Date: 2003-Feb-26 16:56 (Europe/Berlin)

            What     | Removed                   | Added
              Status | Open                      | Closed

------------------ Additional Follow-up Comments ----------------------------
ralfbecker: this was fixed in the in the mail-app

=================== BUG #1131: FULL BUG SNAPSHOT ===================

Submitted by: lance                   Project: phpGroupWare                 
Submitted on: 2002-Sep-05 11:59
Category:  calendar                   Bug Group:  0.9.14 release            
Severity:  5 - Major                  Priority:  Normal                     
Resolution:  Works for me             Assigned to:  skeeter                 
Status:  Closed                       Component Version:  None              
Platform Version:  None               Reproducibility:  Every Time          

Summary:  "Send/Receive updates via EMail" don't work

Original Submission:  In calendar when activating this option i don't receive 
mail on update in calendar

Follow-up Comments

Date: 2003-Feb-26 16:56             By: ralfbecker
ralfbecker: this was fixed in the in the mail-app

Date: 2002-Sep-22 01:15             By: skeeter
One other thing.  Inside the code, it does a check to see if your updating an 
event that has occured in the past.  If so, it will NOT create the email 

Mark A Peters (Skeeter)

Date: 2002-Sep-19 05:07             By: skeeter
Yes.. This is working, but again, both users will need to enable the setting.  
As the label in the calendar preferences says, 'Send/Receive updates via EMail 

Mark A Peters (Skeeter)

Date: 2002-Sep-19 04:55             By: skeeter
Are you expecting to see email notifications for events that you are createing? 
 That won't happen. It assumes that if you create/edit your own events, you 
don't need the email.  You would already know what additions/changes you are 
making.  If you were to invite other participants, then both of you would need 
to enable email notifications for it to work.

I'm not 100% sure it is working.  Will double check to be sure.

Mark A Peters (Skeeter)

Date: 2002-Sep-12 13:43             By: lance
Don't work for me.
Email and calendar modules work well, but i haven't any email notification

Date: 2002-Sep-09 02:07             By: ryanf
It appears that:
1) The email module must be installed
2) You and the recipient must have "Send/Receive updates via EMail" checked
3) You must have your email section configured with at least a pop/imap server.

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