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[Phpgroupware-tracker] [bugs #10672] Loosing all links while creating an

From: Joerg Cordes
Subject: [Phpgroupware-tracker] [bugs #10672] Loosing all links while creating an infolog.
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 10:20:46 -0500
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[bugs #10672] Latest Modifications:

Changes by: 
                Joerg Cordes <address@hidden>
                Son 21.11.2004 at 15:12 (GMT)

------------------ Additional Follow-up Comments ----------------------------
I looked at the patch and found it easy to apply.

now the bug is fixed.


[bugs #10672] Full Item Snapshot:

URL: <>
Project: phpGroupWare
Submitted by: 0
On: Don 14.10.2004 at 10:58

Item Group:
Category:  infolog
Severity:  5 - Average
Priority:  7 - High
Resolution:  None
Privacy:  Public
Assigned to:  None
Status:  Open
Component Version:  TGZ
Platform Version:  GNU/Linux - SuSE
Reproducibility:  Every Time
Planned Release:  None
Fixed Release:  

Summary:  Loosing all links while creating an infolog.

Original Submission:  I got a great problem with infolog. When a user creates 
an infolog an creates links to the addressbook or calendar and stupidly save 
before entering a title and descripton all links in every infolog are lost, the 
table phpgw_links is empty. The same hapend sometimes when using 'delegation' 
of an infolog.

Follow-up Comments

Date: Son 21.11.2004 at 15:12       By: Joerg Cordes <aragog>
I looked at the patch and found it easy to apply.

now the bug is fixed.


Date: Sam 20.11.2004 at 16:42       By: 0 <None>
I screwed up on the patch, but look at it, it's a simple addition of a few 
lines, you can do it by hand


Date: Don 18.11.2004 at 15:10       By: Joerg Cordes <aragog>
Sorry I tried to patch my phpgw but i got the following error:
      Hunk #1 FAILED at 254.
Is it a mistake of mine or is there something wrong in the patch?


Date: Don 18.11.2004 at 02:31       By: 0 <None>

apply the patch with

patch -p0 < phpgw0916_infolog.diff

from within your phpgw base directory


Date: Don 14.10.2004 at 15:27       By: Joerg Cordes <aragog>
Hello, after som testing i can reproduce the mistake everytime. If you open a 
blank infolog and close it without saving content(press <cancel> or use the 
menu to select another application all infologs will loose their links to 
addressbook or calendar.


File Attachments

Date: Don 18.11.2004 at 02:31  Name: phpgw0916_infolog.diff  Size: 613B   By: 
Fix for deleted Links from Infolog;item_file_id=1886

For detailed info, follow this link:

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