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[platform-testers] testing?

From: Karl Berry
Subject: [platform-testers] testing?
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2012 19:33:24 GMT

Hi everyone - I thought I'd mention that Bruno Haible sent some mail
recently to rms and me, stepping down from many of his roles.  Regarding
platform-testers, he wrote this:

  * platform-testers
    More people are needed here. People are now saying "I wrote
    to platform-testers and no one tested my package for me".
    I was doing most testing for 1-2 years; it does not work
    any more like this.

So if anyone has time to devote to handling pretest requests, that would
be great.

According to the list information page
(, that should
be everyone subscribed here, but somehow I doubt that is the reality :).

In the absence of active volunteers, I guess the available alternative
is the Hydra setup, as described on


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