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[platform-testers] new snapshot available: grep-2.20.90-a07a4

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: [platform-testers] new snapshot available: grep-2.20.90-a07a4
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 09:07:16 -0800

Here is a third pre-release snapshot.

Since the preceding one, Norihiro Tanaka fixed a regression from
grep-2.19, and Paul Eggert made many improvements to portability, both
in grep proper, and in parts of gnulib that grep uses.  In updating to
the latest from gnulib, we have also pulled in some significant changes
to the obstack infrastructure, and grep -F uses obstacks, so for those
who find time to test, please keep an eye out for any changes.

grep snapshot:      1.3 MB

Changes in grep since 2.20.83-06900:

Jim Meyering (1):
      gnulib: update to latest

Norihiro Tanaka (2):
      grep -F -x -o PAT would print an extra newline for each match
      dfa: avoid undefined behavior

Paul Eggert (4):
      tests: port to libpcre sans UTF-8 support
      build: port to GCC 4.6.4 + glibc 2.5
      tests: fix recently-introduced stray output
      tests: port to Darwin

Changes in gnulib since 2.20.83-06900:

* gnulib 8415b67...46d015f (28):
  > gen-uni-tables: untabify
  > gen-uni-tables: check out-of-range values added to 3-level tables
  > gen-uni-tables: utilize 'assert'
  > gen-uni-tables: cosmetic improvements
  > fcntl-h-tests: port to PA-RISC GNU/Linux
  > fts: port to C89
  > unistd: port to iOS
  > obstack: do not reject malloc-style obstack_chunkfun, obstack_freefun
  > autoupdate
  > update from texinfo
  > obstack: avoid potentially-nonportable function casts
  > obstack: fix macro return values
  > obstack: do not assume system-supplied obstack is size_t safe
  > obstack: port to platforms that #define __alignof__
  > linkat: don't unconditionally replace on GNU/Linux
  > linkat: wrap to handle symlinks on OS X 10.10
  > open, openat: document nonstandard FreeBSD, NetBSD O_NOFOLLOW errno
  > obstack: add NEWS entry for recent incompatible changes
  > mountlist: don't use libmount to decide on dummy/remote
  > maint: add missing ChangeLog entries for Modra's obstack changes
  > obstack: prefer __alignof__ to alignof
  > obstack: prefer alignof to calculating alignments by hand
  > obstack: use size_t alignments and check for overflow
  > obstack: 64-bit obstack support, part 3
  > obstack: 64-bit obstack support, part 2
  > obstack: 64-bit obstack support, part 1
  > obstack: tidy part 2
  > obstack: tidy part 1

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