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Re: [platform-testers] new snapshot available: coreutils-8.23.237-eff51

From: Pádraig Brady
Subject: Re: [platform-testers] new snapshot available: coreutils-8.23.237-eff51
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2015 16:35:12 +0100
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We plan to release coreutils-8.24 in the next couple of days so any testing
you can do on various different systems between now and then
would be most welcome.


You can download the coreutils snapshot in xz format (5.4 MB) from:

And verify it using:
  MD5 (coreutils-8.23.245-8bf2af.tar.xz) = 7ba19bc645dbd864c7fff9a7d60a4afd


To test follow this standard procedure:

  tar -xf $downloaded_file
  cd coreutils-8.23.245-8bf2af
  ./configure && make check VERBOSE=yes

Failures are reported and details are in tests/test-suite.log


Changes in coreutils since v8.23 are summarized at
and all commits grouped by author are as follows:

Alban Bedel (1):
      build: fix an inverted test breaking dummy-man

Anders Jonsson (1):
      numfmt: fix misspelling in --debug message

Andreas Gruenbacher (1):
      doc: clarify how cp behaves with default ACLs

Assaf Gordon (6):
      maint: skip long-lines syntax-check if unsupported
      split: new -t option to select record separator
      tests: fix false test failure with df on Debian/kFreeBSD
      doc: clarify the operation of wc -L
      tests: df-output: accept multiple spaces in header
      numfmt: fix printf argument order

Bernhard Voelker (25):
      chroot: perform chdir("/") again unless new --skip-chdir is specified
      doc: fix typos
      tests: fix false du failure on newer XFS
      build: fix argument count check in dummy-man again
      build: pass program name to help2man after other options
      maint: avoid double semicolon syntax check failure
      doc: document stat's output with the --terse option
      tests: avoid false failure when comparing /proc files
      tests: make du/move-dir-while-traversing more robust
      maint: fix how to request changes for
      maint: update further copyright year number ranges
      tests: use compare-vs-/dev/null instead of 'test -s'
      tests: use returns_ function for new split test
      doc,maint: fix use of "i.e." in documentation and comments
      tests: avoid a FP on aarch64 when comparing env/printenv output
      maint: sort contributors in
      maint: make sc_THANKS_in_duplicates more robust
      maint: make sc_dd_O_FLAGS more robust
      maint: sort THANKS using our own gear
      maint: enhance '.mailmap' mappings for THANKS generation
      maint: prefer STREQ_LEN and STRPREFIX over strncmp in all cases
      tee: treat '-' operand as file name as mandated by POSIX
      tee: close "-" file
      maint: be less strict about executable permissions of tests
      tests: fix check for local file system in

Boris Ranto (2):
      mv: fail when moving a file to a hardlink
      du: handle sub-bind-mount cycles gracefully

Christoph Anton Mitterer (1):
      doc: disambiguate the ls --color description

Daiki Ueno (1):
      maint: adjustments related to previous shuf crash fix

Dan Jacobson (1):
      doc: clarify default order for ls --sort=size

David Sterba (1):
      mv: use reflink=auto mode by default

Dylan Cali (1):
      numfmt: implement support for field ranges

Eric Blake (1):
      doc: clarify that floating point parses "inf"

Federico Simoncelli (1):
      dd: new status=progress level to print stats periodically

Fridolin Pokorny (1):
      doc: clarify that duplicate NFS mounts are skipped by df

Giuseppe Scrivano (2):
      sync: support syncing specified arguments
      yes: improve efficiency when all args aren't buffered

Jarosław Gruca (1):
      maint: update stale comment about ls color sequences

Jim Meyering (6):
      maint: don't trigger gcc-5's new -Wlogical-not-parentheses warning
      tests: split/ avoid spurious fail on non-Linux
      scripts: autotools-install: update
      build: avoid a warning form gcc's new -Wlogical-op
      build: numfmt.c: avoid a shadowing warning
      maint: stdbuf.c: avoid the OS X putenv function

KO Myung-Hun (3):
      build: expand a response file and a wildcard on OS/2
      build: don't call OS/2 routines on all systems
      build: add $(EXEEXT) suffix to man page make targets

Kristoffer Brånemyr (1):
      wc: speedup counting of short lines

Michael Witten (1):
      doc: fix grammar issue in truncate info

Michal Nazarewicz (1):
      doc: fix use of "e.g." in stdbuf help message

Mike Frysinger (1):
      tests: d_type-check: don't hardcode the C library name

Mitchel Humpherys (1):
      doc: correct pluralization for mkfifo and mknod

Nick Alcock (1):
      tests: fix false failure for test referencing libdl

Paul Eggert (23):
      maint: fix message translation glitches
      tests: fix typo in tail-2/inotify-race
      maint: avoid int64_t and similar types unless they're needed
      doc: spell "indeterminate" correctly
      doc: mention which commands are optional
      doc: rename "coreutils invocation" to "Multi-call invocation"
      maint: prefer 'return status;' to 'exit (status);' in 'main'
      maint: avoid file-scope names of the form _[a-z]*
      cat: allow copying empty files to themselves
      test: check for Fedora 20 sort key bug
      wc: don't miscount /sys and similar file systems
      build: port new rule for coreutils.h to old Bash
      dd: diagnose too-large numbers better
      dd: fix typo in previous change
      shuf: do not mishandle 'shuf -i0-0 1'
      nohup: clarify stdin redirection
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      ls: on GNU/Linux, remove dependency on libacl
      build: rewrite is_ENOTSUP without an #if directive
      build: port single_binary_prog to POSIX shell
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      build: port to AIX

Pádraig Brady (150):
      maint: post-release administrivia
      build: avoid building stdbuf on cygwin
      df: improve mount point selection with inaccurate mount list
      maint: ensure fiemap extents flags are compared correctly
      maint: fix syntax-check issues in recent commit
      build: avoid name transformations on libstdbuf
      build: adjust previous transformations on libstdbuf name
      maint: include libstdbuf.c in extraneous headers check
      doc: adjust reference to info nodes in man pages
      doc: reference online info pages directly from man pages
      doc: ensure the correct texinfo nodes are referenced in --help
      doc: output correct --help references with --program-prefix
      cp: issue correct warning and ignore duplicate source dirs
      cp: fix handling of -H with multiply specified source dirs
      build: fix dependency issues with man page generation
      stty: only list supported options in --help and man pages
      dd: use more robust SIGUSR1 handling
      maint: avoid syntax-check failures in previous patch
      maint: avoid new signed overflow warning on 32 bit
      copy: detect smaller holes than the copy buffer size
      cp: avoid speculative preallocation with --sparse=always
      cp: read sparse files more efficiently with non regular destination
      copy: avoid an extraneous error when reporting errors
      chroot: call chroot() unconditionally to handle bind mounted "/"
      tests: fix test hang with unstable inodes in /proc
      maint: improve sc_long_lines syntax-check speed
      doc: mention that df -a includes duplicate file systems
      tests: make inotify-rotate more robust and efficient
      maint: tests: fix comments about retry_delay_
      maint: run strftime syntax check on newer systems
      tests: chcon: avoid false failure with newer selinux
      doc: mention how to avoid newlines impacting ls -1
      tests: add a case verifying mv on case insensitive file systems
      df: ensure -a shows all remote file system entries
      df: only suppress remote mounts of separate exports with --total
      tests: fix portability issue in dd/ascii test
      rm: fix prompted number of arguments to remove on some platforms
      build: fix missing casts from recent change
      tests: avoid hardlink to symlink tests where not supported
      maint: avoid signed overflow warning with -O3
      maint: avoid -fsanitize=undefined warning in rand-isaac
      build: use the system printf routines in most cases
      diagnose too-large numbers better
      tests: fix error message check on some systems
      doc: update the URL referencing SI prefixes
      maint: remove duplicate names from THANKS
      build: update to latest gnulib
      tests: fix possible 8 minute running time of
      maint: update all copyright year number ranges
      build: update to latest gnulib
      doc: fix man page formatting for split CHUNKS options
      maint: clean up some test issues identified with shellcheck
      tests: avoid skipping some df tests with libmount
      tests: add extra protection against unexpected exits
      doc: clarify that du operands are interdependent
      maint: fix typo in in previous commit
      stty: add support for extproc/LINEMODE
      stty: document the 'discard' character setting
      stty: document the 'status' character where supported
      stty: only print supported options for combined options
      doc: clarify the output format for the *sum utilities
      dircolors: sync with Xiph file extensions
      build: fix invalid gnulib patch
      tests: fix recent regression in tail inotify test
      tail: return inotify resources where possible
      maint: document a caveat in the tail inotify implementation
      doc: give an example of using a seed for random operations
      maint: avoid arbitrary memory access with buggy localtime()
      maint: exclude diff files from long lines check
      build: update to latest gnulib
      maint: remove redundant diff filtering from sc_long_lines
      stty: fix setting of 'extproc' on BSD
      tests: support stderr verification with returns_()
      tee: exit early if no more writable outputs
      tee: add --write-error to control handling of closed pipes
      tee: generalize the --write-error option to --output-error
      build: fix make dependencies for test.1
      yes: output data more efficiently
      maint: fix wildcard quoting in sc_tests_executable
      maint: really fix wildcard quoting in sc_tests_executable
      wc: use a more adaptive wc -l implementation
      doc: clarify the uniq -D man page description
      maint: apply basic styling to online manual
      doc: clarify the date standard output formats
      doc: move numfmt info to the 'Numeric operations' section
      doc: clarify that ls --sort=time is newest first
      df: fix use of uninitialized variable reported by valgrind
      df: fix --local hanging with inaccessible remote mounts
      dircolors: add 'MISSING' to the default database
      maint: avoid -Werror=strict-overflow warnings with GCC 5
      build: fix potential factor build failure on arm and mips
      build: reduce gettext dependency to 0.19.2
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      maint: fix printf format for signed integers
      build: rely on gnulib to determine printf routines are safe
      maint: use gnulib styling with the online manual
      tests: run ls capability coloring test irrespective of $LS_COLORS
      maint: avoid a new -Werror=return-type warning in yes.c
      tests: don't skip df tests with /proc/self/mountinfo
      doc: standardize messages about the '-' stdin FILE
      tests: fix races in and standardize the tail tests
      tests: avoid hung processes due to gdb SIGCONT handling
      tests: cleanup background processes upon interruption
      tail: fix inotify startup races
      tail: consistently output all data for truncated files
      split: auto set suffix len for --numeric-suffixes=<N --number=N
      timeout: with --foreground don't send SIGCONT
      tests: fix async allocation race on BTRFS
      build: avoid issues with case insensitive file systems
      build: fix 'dist' and 'syntax-check' targets in VPATH build
      tests: fix non POSIX constructs causing failures with dash
      mkdir: fix -pZ with existing parent directories
      maint: remove sys/types.h include order check
      copy: prefer our hardlink to symlink emulation on OS X 10.10
      tests: ln/hard-to-sym FAIL rather than ERROR when ln fails
      build: remove workarounds for unsupported gettext versions
      maint: avoid new coverity warnings
      tests: fix false failure on loaded systems
      tests: fix race in tail test without inotify
      build: update to latest gnulib
      build: add a dependency on the gnulib tempname module
      tests: fix false failure in recent test adjustment
      maint: sync .gitignore items with gnulib entries
      tail: display file headers correctly with inotify
      tail: display consistent diagnostics upon file replacement
      maint: remove stale online manual items at release
      numfmt: handle suffixes consistently with --{from,to}-unit
      doc: use correct units in df | numfmt example
      numfmt: support user specified output precision
      numfmt: avoid integer overflow when rounding
      numfmt: handle leading zeros correctly
      numfmt: don't hardcode floating point limits
      doc: list numfmt in the main menu with "Numeric operations"
      seq: support inf last item more generally/efficiently
      seq: use consistent output format with hex integers
      seq: handle exponents more consistently
      factor: avoid interspersed lines for parallel runs
      maint: avoid undefined behavior in qsort call
      build: allow build to complete with -fsanitize=address
      build: update to latest gnulib
      tests: avoid false failures with
      tests: avoid false failure when running as root
      maint: clarify integer operations in recent commit
      chroot: quote argument in error diagnostic
      maint: clarify df's use of device IDs from /proc/self/mountinfo
      tests: fix false failure on slower systems
      factor: ensure atomic output through pipes
      tests: avoid false failure on FreeBSD systems
      numfmt: increase precision on 32 bit FreeBSD
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest

Rasmus Borup Hansen (1):
      cp: remove redundant possibly expensive heap deallocation

Reuben Thomas (1):
      doc: indicate that FILE arguments are optional with rm -f

Shane M Seymour (1):
      tail,stat: improve support for the IBRIX file system

Stephane Chazelas (1):
      tail: fix -f to follow changes after a rename

Stéphane Aulery (1):
      doc: mention persistence caveats in sync man page

Tobias Stoeckmann (1):
      paste: fix possible truncated output with large files

Wieland Hoffmann (1):
      doc: clarify that timeout limits are not 2038 seconds

Yunlian Jiang (1):
      build: fix SINGLE_BINARY build when printf is a macro

Yurij Goncharuk (1):
      maint: refactor ls QUOTING_STYLE env var handling

Yury Usishchev (1):
      build: ensure make-prime-list doesn't access out of bounds memory


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