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[platform-testers] new snapshot available: grep-2.25.92-f3e9

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: [platform-testers] new snapshot available: grep-2.25.92-f3e9
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2016 20:25:53 -0700

We are nearly ready to make a new release, so here's a snapshot of the
latest. Please try it on any unusual system you can find and let us
know about any test failure (success is good to hear about, too).

Note that this and future announcements will be going to the new
grep-devel mailing list,, rather than to the
bug-grep list.

A big "Thank you!" to Paul Eggert, Norihiro Tanaka and Zev Weiss for
the many fixes and improvements in the impending release.

Here is the list of "NEWS" items for the upcoming release:
** Bug fixes

  Grep no longer omits output merely because it follows an output line
  suppressed due to encoding errors.  [bug introduced in grep-2.21]

** Improvements

  grep can be much faster now when standard output is /dev/null.

  grep -F is now typically much faster when many patterns are given,
  as it now uses the Aho-Corasick algorithm instead of the
  Commentz-Walter algorithm in that case.

  grep -iF is typically much faster in a multibyte locale, if the
  pattern and its case counterparts contain only single byte characters.

  grep with complicated expressions (e.g., back-references) and without
  -i now uses the regex fastmap for better performance.

  In multibyte locales, grep now handles leading "." in patterns more

  grep now prints a "FILENAME:LINENO: " prefix when diagnosing an
  invalid regular expression that was read from an '-f'-specified file.

grep snapshot:      1.3 MB

Changes in grep since v2.25:

Arnold Robbins (1):
      dfa: port to C90

Jim Meyering (17):
      maint: post-release administrivia
      maint: avoid NEWS syntax-check failure
      maint: do not let a LANGUAGE envvar setting perturb tests
      doc: omit an excess word in HACKING
      tests: add coreutils' perl-driven test framework
      grep: print "filename:lineno:" in invalid-regex diagnostic
      tests/backref-multibyte-slow:: avoid false positive
      tests: standardize on 10-second timeouts to avoid rare false failure
      tests: pcre-jitstack: avoid false failure without base64 -d support
      maint: avoid new "make syntax-check" failure
      gnulib: update to latest
      maint: avoid new 'make syntax-check' failure
      maint: switch from gnulib's progname to getprogname module
      gnulib: update to latest, for getprogname fixes
      gnulib: update to latest, for new dfa module
      dfa: reflect move of grep's DFA code to gnulib
      gnulib: update to latest

Norihiro Tanaka (22):
      dfa: prefer bool at DFA interfaces
      dfa: stop exporting internal functions
      grep: -F multiword longest match not always needed
      grep: use memchr2 for two patterns of a character
      dfa: more simplification of dfaexec_main
      dfa: simplify for non-POSIX locales
      dfa: don't distingish letter in non-POSIX locales
      grep: fix -F crash when alternating duplicates
      dfa: fix whitespace problems
      grep: always match single line only with DFA superset
      dfa: minor fix for whether dfa is "fast"
      dfa: improve leading "." with non-UTF8 multibyte
      grep: speed up -iF in multibyte locales
      dfa: use single-byte algorithm even in non-UTF-8
      dfa: avoid invalid character matching period
      dfa: remove separation by context in transition in non-UTF8
multibyte locales
      tests: add a new test for SJIS locale
      dfa: simplify to find state index for state 0
      dfa: simplify and optimize at initial state in execution
      dfa: use single-byte algorithm even in non-UTF-8
      dfa: additional change new option for anchored searches
      dfa: additional change new option for anchored searches

Paul Eggert (38):
      grep: /dev/null output speedup
      dfa: speed up checking for character boundary
      dfa: prefer bool for boolean
      grep: use Aho-Corasick algorithm to search multiple fixed words
      grep: minor cleanups for -F Aho-Corasick
      grep: simplify -F Aho-Corasick a bit
      maint: correct attribution
      tests: fix similar bug in exit status test
      doc: remove obsolete MS-DOS mention
      doc: propagate more changes from grep.texi
      dfa: minor cleanups for non-POSIX simplification
      dfa: don't treat null bytes specially
      dfa: fix comments to match code better
      grep: minor style changes for -F crash fix
      maint: modernize HACKING a bit
      dfa: fix context newline confusion
      dfa: port to C90
      dfa: minor refactoring and doc fixes
      dfa: avoid uninitialized constants
      dfa: use 64-bit when ulong is at least that wide
      grep: prefer bitwise to short-circuit when shorter
      grep: tune list_files conversion to enum
      grep: minor tweaks of initial buffer alloc
      dfa: minor thread-safety cleanups
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      dfa: make dfa.c fully thread-safe
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      grep: avoid code duplication with -iF
      dfa: document previous change
      grep: improve dfasearch storage management
      grep: use regex fastmap unless -i
      grep: update NEWS
      dfa: new option for anchored searches
      dfa: merge xalloc.h changes from Gawk
      dfa: minor cleanup of previous change
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      doc: define "context lines"
      grep: encoding errors suppress just their line

Zev Weiss (14):
      tests: fix bug in exit status test
      maint: mark a couple of static variables const
      maint: replace bitwise with logical OR
      grep: correct a stale comment and remove dead code
      grep: convert list_files to an enum
      grep: remove unnecessary dirdesc variable.
      grep: do pagesize initialization and buffer allocation earlier
      dfa: thread-safety: remove dfa.c's "dfa" global
      dfa: thread-safety: move lexer state into struct dfa
      dfa: thread-safety: move parser state into struct dfa
      dfa: thread-safety: move regex syntax configuration into struct dfa
      dfa: thread-safety: eliminate static local variables
      dfa: thread-safety: initialize mbrtowc_cache in dfa_init
      dfa: constify some function parameters

Changes in gnulib since v2.25:

* gnulib b7bc3c1...a512e04 (128):
  > sys_types: avoid glibc 2.25 warnings about major()
  > mountlist: include sysmacros.h for glibc
  > extensions: port to more ISO C TSes
  > intprops: new macro TYPE_WIDTH
  > extensions: port to recent ISO C TRs
  > update from texinfo
  > update from texinfo
  > dfa: port to Solaris 9
  > autoupdate
  > strverscmp: avoid link failure on OS X
  > dfa: new module, importing grep's DFA matcher
  > getprogname-tests: don't depend on assert-h
  > getprogname-tests: work also when EXEEXT is nonempty
  > getprogname: fix errors in previous change
  > parse-datetime: restrict debug output to input string
  > flexmember: new macro FLEXALIGNOF
  > getprogname: port to systems with __argv (mingw, msvc)
  > flexmember: port better to GCC + valgrind
  > getprogname: port to Solaris 10
  > stdalign: correct mistake in alignof doc
  > getprogname.h: declare with _GL_ATTRIBUTE_PURE, when required
  > remove sc_program_name
  > Port tests away from progname
  > Port modules to use getprogname explicitly
  > getprogname: new module
  > autoupdate
  > manywarnings: add -fno-common
  > parse-datetime: Fix typo.
  > intprops: tune INT_NEGATE_OVERFLOW for GCC 5 and 6
  > strverscmp: sync with glibc
  > xalloc-oversized.h: port __builtin_mul_overflow change to GCC 6.2.0
  > intprops.h: port recent changes to GCC 6.2.0
  > intprops.h: use __typeof__ with GCC 7
  > intprops.h, xalloc-oversized.h: work with gcc 7
  > intprops.h: fix missing-backslash problems
  > autoupdate
  > intprops: fix paren typo on old platforms
  > intprops: port to OpenVMS
  > parse-datetime: improve debug implementation
  > c-strcase-tests: port to EBCDIC
  > sigpipe-tests: fix typo
  > canonicalize-lgpl: fix errno after malloca fails
  > strtod: port errno handling to z/OS
  > strtod: port to z/OS
  > regex, string: rename to avoid '__string'
  > c-strcase-tests, wcwidth-tests: depend on c-ctype
  > thread: port to z/OS
  > maint: port tests to z/OS errno behavior
  > maint: preprocessor changes to support z/OS
  > fclose, strstr-simple, wchar: port to z/OS
  > iconv_open-utf-tests, iconv-tests: port to EBCDIC
  > c-strcase-tests, wcwidth-tests: port to EBCDIC
  > stdbool: don't require _Bool for C++
  > getdelim: remove dependency on realloc-posix
  > update from texinfo
  > update from texinfo
  > parse-datetime: add optional debug printing
  > update from texinfo
  > tests/ exclude dash with bad "local" semantics
  > update from texinfo
  > update from texinfo
  > update from texinfo
  > update from texinfo
  > expand the prohibit_doubled_word regex
  > useless-if-before-free: skip non-matching lines early
  > update from texinfo
  > speed up sc_po_check
  > speed up require_config_h_first
  > speed up sc_po_check
  > update from texinfo
  > update from texinfo
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > update from texinfo
  > autoupdate
  > update from texinfo
  > obstack: pacify GCC 6 with -Wnull-dereference
  > update from texinfo
  > doc: mention glibc, OS X, Cygwin [S]SIZE_MAX buglet
  > doc: mention glibc SSIZE_MAX buglet
  > printf-posix: Fix mingw build
  > mktime: call tzset as per POSIX
  > fts: handle readdir() errors
  > intprops: port better to GCC 7
  > intprops-test: port to GCC 6
  > autoupdate
  > update from texinfo
  > autoupdate
  > xalloc-oversized: port to GCC 7; fewer warnings
  > autoupdate (gettext-
  > update from texinfo
  > regex: port to Sun C
  > update from texinfo
  > stdbool: Restore __bool_true_false_are_defined check
  > stdbool: Port AC_CHECK_HEADER_STDBOOL to C++11
  > Use GCC_LINT, not lint
  > secure_getenv: Port to many more platforms.
  > update from texinfo
  > canonicalize: Fix broken probe for realpath.
  > unsetenv: relax to LGPLv2+
  > update from texinfo
  > Set default TOP_NODE_UP_URL in HTML output.
  > manywarnings: update for GCC 6.1
  > autoupdate
  > intdiv0, memmem, nocrash, strcasestr, strstr: no exit
  > glob: size_t overflow checks
  > glob: don't assume INT_MAX < SIZE_MAX
  > Fix undefined behaviour in gettext.h.
  > autoupdate
  > git-version-gen: avoid undefined shift
  > update from texinfo
  > glob: merge glibc changes into lib/glob.c
  > mktime: spelling fix in comment
  > mktime: port to stricter signed overflow checking
  > mktime: speed up DEBUG_MKTIME benchmarks
  > mktime: resurrect DEBUG_MKTIME testing
  > mktime: simplify DEBUG_MKTIME
  > Port mktime_internal offset to unsigned time_t
  > xstrtol: prohibit monstrosities like "1bB"
  > xstrtod: reinstate setting of *result upon ERANGE
  > xstrtod: modify *result only if no errors
  > btowc: document problems in C locale
  > autoupdate
  > update from texinfo
  > mktime: improve integer overflow checking
  > intprops: check two's complement assumption
  > intprops, mktime, strtol: assume two's complement
  > stdint: port to strict C11 left shift

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