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[platform-testers] new snapshot available: grep-3.1.48-7eea

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: [platform-testers] new snapshot available: grep-3.1.48-7eea
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2018 18:52:46 -0800

Here's another snapshot.
It should address the backref-alt failures via a change in gnulib's
m4/regex.m4: that will cause the use of package-supplied regex code,
since it detects the assertion failure in the glibc-provided function.

That change or the patch mentioned below may help with the
"stack-overflow" test failure Assaf reported on Ubuntu 14.04/aarch64.
The AIX 7.2 stack-overflow failure is different. There, gnulib's
c-stack module (for detecting stack overflow) may not work, since
I saw this in Assaf's log:

  ./stack-overflow: line 12: 19661370 Illegal instruction (core dumped)...

This should reproduce it:

  i=200; printf %0${i}0000d 0|tr 0 '(' > in; LC_ALL=C src/grep -Ef in; echo $?

Thanks for all the quick work already.

grep snapshot:      1.4 MB

Changes in grep since 3.1.46-504af:

Jim Meyering (3):
      build: make the autoconf-2.63 requirement explicit
      build: update gnulib to latest
      tests: stack-overflow: handle the case of success without the diagnostic

Paul Eggert (1):
      tests: fix diagnostic typo

Changes in gnulib since 3.1.46-504af:

* gnulib a79f2a2...01aa713 (111):
  > regex: fix indentation
  > openat-safer tests: Avoid test failure on NetBSD 8. Part 2.
  > openat-safer tests: Avoid test failure on NetBSD 8.
  > regex: work around a bug in glibc-2.27 and prior
  > localename: Fix use of uninitialized shell variable.
  > dfa tests: Avoid test failure on Alpine Linux.
  > dfa: avoid new warnings from gcc
  > mkdir-p: improve diagnostic for FUSE mounts
  > hash-map: Add tests.
  > linkedhash-map: Add tests.
  > array-map: Add tests.
  > xmap: New module.
  > hash-map: New module.
  > linkedhash-map: New module.
  > array-map: New module.
  > map: New module.
  > select tests: Avoid test failure on Cygwin.
  > localtime-buffer: Avoid endless recursion in localtime and gmtime.
  > localeconv tests: Avoid test failure on Cygwin.
  > omap: Don't dispose the old value when the function returns it.
  > array-omap, avltree-omap, rbtree-omap: Tweak style.
  > rbtree-omap: Add tests.
  > avltree-omap: Add tests.
  > array-omap: Add tests.
  > xomap: New module.
  > rbtree-omap: New module.
  > avltree-omap: New module.
  > array-omap: New module.
  > omap: New module.
  > hash-set, linkedhash-set: Reduce code duplication.
  > array-set: Optimize.
  > times: Fix tests.
  > array-set, linkedhash-set, hash-set: Fix tests.
  > Fix comments.
  > hash-set: Add tests.
  > linkedhash-set: Add tests.
  > array-set: Add tests.
  > xset: New module.
  > hash-set: New module.
  > linkedhash-set: New module.
  > array-set: New module.
  > set: New module.
  > bison: don't force the Yacc mode
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > gnupload: Document short options.
  > gnupload: Support option -h as alias of --help.
  > memrchr: port better to clang
  > docs: mention printf %m considerations
  > autoupdate
  > bitset: rename ebitset/expandable.* as tbitset/table.*
  > bitset: check the operations
  > bitset: properly use false/true instead of 0/1 for Booleans
  > bitset: rename BITSET_VARRAY as BITSET_VECTOR
  > strerror_r-posix: memmove, not memcpy
  > autoupdate
  > bitsetv: new module
  > bitset: add tests and doc
  > bitset: new module
  > localename: Fix gettext test failures on mingw.
  > no more sync of gettext source files
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > mktime: add libc-config dependency
  > autoupdate
  > longlong: fix comment typo
  > havelib: Remove the need to include asm-underscore.m4.
  > parse-datetime: simplify test for mktime failure
  > posixtm: simplify test for mktime failure
  > nstrftime: simplify test for mktime failure
  > gnulib-common.m4: port _Noreturn to C++
  > gnu-make: Fix for NetBSD 8 'make'.
  > maintainer-makefile: fix syntax-check rule for "same.h"
  > dfa: Simplify a building state
  > dfa: reorder tokens before execution
  > dfa: a state has a set of current positions.
  > dfa: simplify dfa optimization
  > dfa: position set sorts increasing order
  > dfa: remove unneeded code
  > autoupdate
  > havelib: fix nested ‘configure’ chatter
  > backupfile: tweak for better code
  > autoupdate
  > backupfile: new dir_fd args
  > localename: Simplify support for per-thread locales on Solaris 11.4.
  > Mention changed minimum requirements for Automake and Autoconf.
  > std-gnu11: Support Autoconf versions < 2.64.
  > Assume Autoconf >= 2.63.
  > Assume Automake >= 1.11.
  > localename: Fix typo in comment.
  > Fix failure of 'gnulib-tool --create-testdir' with all modules.
  > locale: Ease integration with GNU libintl.
  > localename: Fine-tune support for per-thread locales on Solaris 11.4.
  > localename: Fine-tune support for per-thread locales on Solaris 11.4.
  > Small update from gettext.
  > autoupdate
  > mountlist: Remove support for Cray with UNICOS 9.
  > fsusage, mountlist, getloadavg, getgroups: Remove support for Ultrix.
  > getloadavg: Remove support for ConvexOS.
  > getloadavg: Remove support for Sony NEWS.
  > fsusage, mountlist, getloadavg: Remove support for Dynix/ptx.
  > fsusage: Remove support for AIX 3.
  > fsusage, stat-size, getloadavg: Remove support for AIX PS/2.
  > getloadavg: Remove support for HP-UX on m68k.
  > fsusage, mountlist: Remove support for DolphinOS (an SVR3 variant).
  > getloadavg: Remove support for Alliant FX/2800.
  > getloadavg: Remove support for tek4300.
  > getloadavg: Remove support for Ardent.
  > mountlist: Remove support for SVR2.
  > autoupdate

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