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[platform-testers] new snapshot available: gzip-1.9.15-17f5c

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: [platform-testers] new snapshot available: gzip-1.9.15-17f5c
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2018 23:25:19 -0800

I'm going to release gzip-1.10 this year.
Any testing would be most appreciated.
See the NEWS below.

gzip snapshot:      760 KB

Changes in gzip since v1.9:

Jim Meyering (7):
      maint: post-release administrivia
      build: remove -Wformat-truncation=2 to avoid avoid false-positive
      maint: update gnulib to latest; also update bootstrap and
      build: make the autoconf-2.63 requirement explicit
      maint: update gnulib to latest; also update bootstrap and
      maint: improve a comment
      build: avoid build failure with --enable-gcc-warnings and latest gcc

Paul Eggert (8):
      misc: update --version copyright
      gzip: port better to mingw
      gzip: make the output more reproducible
      gzip: port better to mingw again
      Fix some theoretical races in signal handling
      gzip: fix bug in signal-handling fix
      * gzip.c (remove_output_file): Fix typo.
      gzip: fix use of uninitialized memory


** Changes in behavior

  Compressed gzip output no longer contains the current time as a
  timestamp when the input is not a regular file.  Instead, the output
  contains a null (zero) timestamp.  This makes gzip's behavior more
  reproducible when used as part of a pipeline.  (As a reminder, even
  regular files will use null timestamps after the year 2106, due to a
  limitation in the gzip format.)

** Bug fixes

  A use of uninitialized memory on some malformed inputs has been fixed.
  [bug present since the beginning]

  A few theoretical race conditions in signal handers have been fixed.
  These bugs most likely do not happen on practical platforms.
  [bugs present since the beginning]

Changes in gnulib since v1.9:

* gnulib 7e7c5c7...95c96b6 (561):
  > autoupdate
  > Assume Autoconf >= 2.63.
  > memcmp: Mention the clang bug.
  > revert v0.1-2213-gae4b73e28 and part of v0.1-2281-g95cd86dd7
  > version-etc: allow zero authors
  > lchown tests: Be more permissive regarding errno values.
  > duplocale: Avoid test failure on AIX 7.
  > localename: Fix test failure on AIX 7.
  > localename: Update comments regarding Cygwin.
  > c-stack: Fix for Linux/sparc.
  > localename: Avoid test failure on some glibc systems.
  > autoupdate
  > random: Fix build error on native Windows (regression from 2018-06-21).
  > autoupdate
  > obstack, libc-config: Support HP-UX cc in C99 mode.
  > localename: Fix test failure on OpenBSD >= 6.2.
  > duplocale tests: Re-enable the test on platforms without <monetary.h>.
  > localename: Update comments.
  > regex: fix indentation
  > openat-safer tests: Avoid test failure on NetBSD 8. Part 2.
  > openat-safer tests: Avoid test failure on NetBSD 8.
  > regex: work around a bug in glibc-2.27 and prior
  > localename: Fix use of uninitialized shell variable.
  > dfa tests: Avoid test failure on Alpine Linux.
  > dfa: avoid new warnings from gcc
  > mkdir-p: improve diagnostic for FUSE mounts
  > hash-map: Add tests.
  > linkedhash-map: Add tests.
  > array-map: Add tests.
  > xmap: New module.
  > hash-map: New module.
  > linkedhash-map: New module.
  > array-map: New module.
  > map: New module.
  > select tests: Avoid test failure on Cygwin.
  > localtime-buffer: Avoid endless recursion in localtime and gmtime.
  > localeconv tests: Avoid test failure on Cygwin.
  > omap: Don't dispose the old value when the function returns it.
  > array-omap, avltree-omap, rbtree-omap: Tweak style.
  > rbtree-omap: Add tests.
  > avltree-omap: Add tests.
  > array-omap: Add tests.
  > xomap: New module.
  > rbtree-omap: New module.
  > avltree-omap: New module.
  > array-omap: New module.
  > omap: New module.
  > hash-set, linkedhash-set: Reduce code duplication.
  > array-set: Optimize.
  > times: Fix tests.
  > array-set, linkedhash-set, hash-set: Fix tests.
  > Fix comments.
  > hash-set: Add tests.
  > linkedhash-set: Add tests.
  > array-set: Add tests.
  > xset: New module.
  > hash-set: New module.
  > linkedhash-set: New module.
  > array-set: New module.
  > set: New module.
  > bison: don't force the Yacc mode
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > gnupload: Document short options.
  > gnupload: Support option -h as alias of --help.
  > memrchr: port better to clang
  > docs: mention printf %m considerations
  > autoupdate
  > bitset: rename ebitset/expandable.* as tbitset/table.*
  > bitset: check the operations
  > bitset: properly use false/true instead of 0/1 for Booleans
  > bitset: rename BITSET_VARRAY as BITSET_VECTOR
  > strerror_r-posix: memmove, not memcpy
  > autoupdate
  > bitsetv: new module
  > bitset: add tests and doc
  > bitset: new module
  > localename: Fix gettext test failures on mingw.
  > no more sync of gettext source files
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > mktime: add libc-config dependency
  > autoupdate
  > longlong: fix comment typo
  > havelib: Remove the need to include asm-underscore.m4.
  > parse-datetime: simplify test for mktime failure
  > posixtm: simplify test for mktime failure
  > nstrftime: simplify test for mktime failure
  > gnulib-common.m4: port _Noreturn to C++
  > gnu-make: Fix for NetBSD 8 'make'.
  > maintainer-makefile: fix syntax-check rule for "same.h"
  > dfa: Simplify a building state
  > dfa: reorder tokens before execution
  > dfa: a state has a set of current positions.
  > dfa: simplify dfa optimization
  > dfa: position set sorts increasing order
  > dfa: remove unneeded code
  > autoupdate
  > havelib: fix nested ‘configure’ chatter
  > backupfile: tweak for better code
  > autoupdate
  > backupfile: new dir_fd args
  > localename: Simplify support for per-thread locales on Solaris 11.4.
  > Mention changed minimum requirements for Automake and Autoconf.
  > std-gnu11: Support Autoconf versions < 2.64.
  > Assume Autoconf >= 2.63.
  > Assume Automake >= 1.11.
  > localename: Fix typo in comment.
  > Fix failure of 'gnulib-tool --create-testdir' with all modules.
  > locale: Ease integration with GNU libintl.
  > localename: Fine-tune support for per-thread locales on Solaris 11.4.
  > localename: Fine-tune support for per-thread locales on Solaris 11.4.
  > Small update from gettext.
  > autoupdate
  > mountlist: Remove support for Cray with UNICOS 9.
  > fsusage, mountlist, getloadavg, getgroups: Remove support for Ultrix.
  > getloadavg: Remove support for ConvexOS.
  > getloadavg: Remove support for Sony NEWS.
  > fsusage, mountlist, getloadavg: Remove support for Dynix/ptx.
  > fsusage: Remove support for AIX 3.
  > fsusage, stat-size, getloadavg: Remove support for AIX PS/2.
  > getloadavg: Remove support for HP-UX on m68k.
  > fsusage, mountlist: Remove support for DolphinOS (an SVR3 variant).
  > getloadavg: Remove support for Alliant FX/2800.
  > getloadavg: Remove support for tek4300.
  > getloadavg: Remove support for Ardent.
  > mountlist: Remove support for SVR2.
  > autoupdate
  > assure: Fix comment.
  > libc-config: merge from glibc
  > regex: depend on libc-config
  > autoupdate
  > localename: Add support for per-thread locales on Solaris 11.4.
  > timevar: use gethrxtime to get wall clock time
  > wcsnrtombs: Work around Solaris 11.4 bug.
  > mbsnrtowcs: Work around Solaris 11.4 bug.
  > doc: Update for Solaris 11.4.
  > floor, ceil, trunc, truncf, truncl: Defeat GCC optimizations.
  > bootstrap: fix wget command for po files.
  > timevar: improve the output format
  > timevar: expect that getrusage is available
  > mountlist: Improve support for Solaris in 64-bit mode.
  > mountlist: Add support for Minix.
  > Make better use of Autoconf.
  > mountlist: Modernize platform lists.
  > getprogname: Add support for 32-bit programs on HP-UX.
  > getprogname: Work around program name truncation when possible.
  > fts: cleanup after FTS_NOATIME removal
  > fts: remove FTS_NOATIME
  > csharpcomp*, csharpexec*: Remove support for pnet.
  > autoupdate
  > renameatu: prefer renameat2 to syscall
  > bootstrap, gnulib-tool: use https instead of insecure rsync
  > Add ChangeLog entry for last commit.
  > bootstrap, gnulib-tool: correct the translations wget command
  > doc: the gnulib snapshots are not maintained
  > timevar: add to lib_SOURCES
  > dirent: Update documentation.
  > strpbrk: Make it possible to namespace the defined symbol.
  > strcspn: Make it possible to namespace the defined symbol.
  > raise: Make it possible to namespace the defined symbol.
  > memcmp: Make it possible to namespace the defined symbol.
  > explicit_bzero: Make it possible to namespace the defined symbol.
  > mkdir-p: Depend on 'mkdir'.
  > tempname: Depend on 'mkdir'.
  > timevar: rely on gnulib modules for time portability.
  > sh-filename: New module.
  > fcntl: Make it possible to namespace the defined symbol, part 2.
  > spawn-pipe tests: Avoid test failure on native Windows.
  > fcntl: Make it possible to namespace the defined symbol.
  > vasnprintf tests: Avoid test failure on HP-UX/hppa and IRIX.
  > vasnprintf tests: Avoid test failure on Cygwin.
  > mkostemp, mkostemps: Update documentation.
  > mkostemp, mkostemps: Fix compilation error in C++ mode on Mac OS X.
  > hmac-*: refactor to remove repetitive code
  > hmac-sha512: fix hash for keys > blocksize (128 bytes)
  > vasnprintf: Avoid warnings from GCC's -Wsign-compare.
  > grantpt: Remove unnecessary dependency.
  > timevar: Small tweaks.
  > timevar: Include documentation in gnulib manual.
  > timevar: import from Bison.
  > javacomp-script, javacomp: Add preliminary support for Java 12..17.
  > javacomp-script, javacomp: Add support for Java 11.
  > vasnprintf: Fix heap memory overrun bug.
  > autoupdate
  > maint: mktime.c now shared with glibc
  > mktime: fix _LIBC typo
  > dfa: optimization for state merge
  > dfa: trivial comment fix: s/is/if/
  > dfa: use more-informative function name
  > dfa: tweak allocation performance
  > dfa: prune states as we go
  > dfa: reorder enum for efficiency
  > dfa: optimize alternation in NFA
  > dfa: simplify initial state
  > file-has-acl: Fix test failure on Cygwin 2.9.
  > stat-time tests: Fix test failure on Cygwin.
  > doc: fix typo
  > doc: OS X 10.11 lacked ns time functions
  > gettime: nanotime never existed
  > doc: Update statement about target platforms.
  > posix_spawn tests: Fix link error on 64-bit Cygwin.
  > timespec: new function current_timespec
  > setlocale: Improve locale handling on macOS 10.12 or newer.
  > Update list of locale names with scripts on macOS.
  > gettext: Use newer macOS APIs when possible.
  > gettext: Use newer macOS APIs when possible.
  > localename: Revisit macOS specific code.
  > setlocale: Improve support for locales not supported by libc.
  > strstr, strcasestr: Add workaround against glibc-2.28 bug.
  > doc: Fix bottom of top-level page.
  > Add test case from a recent glibc bug.
  > Apply Eric Blake's improvements from 2011-02-25 to more tests.
  > Apply Jim Meyering's fix from 2015-01-11 to more tests.
  > xstrtol: actually copy the intprops.h line
  > xstrtol: fix missing-TYPE_SIGNED typo
  > timespec: fix resolution confusion
  > mktime: simplify in prep for glibc merge
  > intprops: minor clarification of code
  > Fix a comment.
  > posix_spawn_file_actions_addchdir: Add tests.
  > posix_spawn_file_actions_addchdir: New module.
  > Fix typo in comment in yesterday's commit.
  > stddef: Override max_align_t on NetBSD 8.0/x86.
  > fcntl: Fix F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC behaviour on Haiku.
  > count-trailing-zeros tests: Rely on limits-h module.
  > count-leading-zeros tests: Rely on limits-h module.
  > count-one-bits tests: Rely on limits-h module.
  > xstrtoll: Rely on limits-h module.
  > strtoll, strtoull: Rely on limits-h module.
  > intprops tests: Fix compilation error with pre-C99 compiler.
  > limits-h: Provide numerical limits macros.
  > fcntl: Don't access nonexistent optional argument.
  > doc: mention environ pitfall
  > gnulib-tool: Fix build order when $testsbase is a subdir of $sourcebase.
  > mktime: fix unlikely race+overflow bug
  > mktime, timegm: simplify glibc time64_t
  > mktime, timegm: simplify merge to glibc
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > intprops: avoid evaluation of some expressions
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > getcwd: Add cross-compilation guesses.
  > ; autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > glob-h: Formalize side effects from other modules.
  > fnmatch-h: Formalize side effects from other modules.
  > limits-h: Formalize side effects from other modules.
  > getpass: Move declaration to <unistd.h>.
  > glob: Fix over-optimization due to attribute __nonnull__.
  > glob: Fix another compilation error when glob.h is not replaced.
  > fnmatch: Avoid conflicting macro definitions of 'fnmatch'.
  > Avoid -Wcast-function-type warnings from casts after GetProcAddress.
  > glob: Fix another compilation error when glob.h is not replaced.
  > glob: Fix compilation error when glob.h is not replaced.
  > scratch_buffer: Add tests.
  > scratch_buffer: Fix include file.
  > glob-h: Revert Paul Eggert's revert.
  > glob-h: always build glob.h
  > autoupdate
  > monetary: Simplify m4 code.
  > fnmatch-gnu: Revert part of last commit (unneeded).
  > fnmatch, fnmatch-gnu: Fix compilation error on Mac OS X.
  > autoupdate
  > setlocale: Trivial simplification.
  > Fix ChangeLog typo.
  > verify: port 'assume' to traditional tools
  > fnmatch: Fix compilation error in C++ namespace mode on Mac OS X.
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > glob-h: Add tests.
  > glob-h: New module.
  > Force generation of substitute .h file when C++ support is enabled.
  > fnmatch-h: Fix test compilation error on mingw (regression from today).
  > sys_resource: Relicense under LGPLv2+.
  > fnmatch-h: Add tests.
  > fnmatch-h: New module.
  > Enable more C++ tests.
  > getopt-posix, utime-h: Ensure the .h file gets regenerated when needed.
  > utime-h: Generate header file when module 'posixcheck' is in use.
  > monetary: Generate header file when module 'posixcheck' is in use.
  > iconv-h: Generate header file when module 'posixcheck' is in use.
  > Optimize the "checking whether ... is declared without a macro" checks.
  > iconv-h: Enable 'posixcheck' warnings.
  > Fix link error regarding 'rpl_environ' (regression from 2012-11-21).
  > New module 'posixcheck'.
  > autoupdate
  > dfa: fix memory leak
  > ieee754-h: new module
  > autoupdate
  > iswcntrl: Mention minor problem on macOS.
  > bootstrap, gnulib-tool: fix translations rsync
  > bootstrap, gnulib-tool: fix translations rsync
  > autoupdate
  > bootstrap: reinstate definition fo gnulib_mk.
  > doc: For module names, use texinfo markup @code{} or @samp{}.
  > doc: Avoid some overfull lines in the TeX output.
  > autoupdate
  > hard-locale: simplify by removing hard-locale.m4
  > gnulib-tool: limit line length for git send-email
  > ffs: Ensure declaration on mingw.
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > regex-tests: add dependency
  > autoupdate
  > renameatu: fix ChangeLog typo
  > mkancesdirs: Add extern "C" to header
  > ; autoupdate
  > regex: now in sync with glibc
  > renameatu: rename from renameat2
  > gnulib-tool: minor tweaks for --gnu-make
  > regex: work around conditional-dependencies glitch
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > wchar: fix bug when checking for ‘inline’
  > getloadavg: don't redefine WINDOWS32
  > bootstrap: s/--option val/--option=val/
  > manywarnings: omit -Wswitch-default
  > regex: revert most trimming
  > regex: trim module dependencies
  > regex: glibc does not use intprops.h
  > import mktemp
  > regex: port to recently proposed glibc regex merge
  > build-aux/config.sub
  > threadlib: Fix LIBMULTITHREAD on platforms where --as-needed is enabled.
  > Continue to use spaces for indentation, not tabs.
  > manywarnings: Don't enable -Wjump-misses-init warnings by default.
  > acl-internal.h: remove _GL_ATTRIBUTE_CONST on void function
  > parse-datetime: accommodate gcc-4.8.5
  > af_alg: Fail in continuable manner on Linux/powerpc64le.
  > af_alg: Fix state of stream after sendfile() succeeds.
  > canon-host: take GCC9's advice rather than ignoring warning
  > parse-datetime.y: avoid spurious GCC 9 warning
  > canon-host.c: avoid spurious GCC 9 warning
  > manywarnings: accommodate GCC 9.0-pre: remove -Wchkp and -Wabi
  > af_alg tests: Add another test.
  > maint: clarify comments about sticky EOF
  > af_alg: Comment and style improvements.
  > Fix order of most recent ChangeLog entries.
  > af_alg: disable kernel hash functions by default
  > af_alg: avoid hangs when reading from streams
  > af_alg: fix error handling when hash not returned
  > libc-config: merge from glibc
  > mbrtowc, wcwidth: Fix MT-safety bug (regression from 2018-06-23).
  > wchar-single: Fix test failure in wcwidth tests.
  > crypto: mention --without-linux-crypto in --with-openssl --help
  > wchar-single: a new module to enable optimizations in wchar replacements
  > libc-config: Fix conflict with FreeBSD include files.
  > random_r: do not crash if state is unaligned
  > random_r: omit unnecessary include
  > random, random_r: merge from glibc
  > README-release: also run any check-very-expensive tests
  > typo
  > pthread_rwlock_rdlock: Add comments regarding glibc behaviour.
  > crypto: use byteswap
  > fix support for legacy --texi2html
  > gettext po infrastructure: Update from current gettext git.
  > getloadavg: Return 0 on Windows without Cygwin.
  > getloadavg: Allow building on Windows without Cygwin
  > Port crypto/af_alg to GCC 4.8.4
  > autoupdate
  > bootstrap: document source fetching in --help
  > bootstrap: allow non-submodule control of gnulib
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > crypto: omit stream ops Emacs doesn’t need
  > fts: avoid a memory leak edge case
  > wcwidth tests: Fix link error.
  > autoupdate
  > regex: Fix "error: possibly undefined macro: gl_GLIBC21".
  > localcharset: Optimize.
  > localcharset: Map the locale encodings found in newer OSes.
  > localcharset: Move mapping tables into the code.
  > localcharset: Add a manual test.
  > localcharset: Remove support for obsolete platforms.
  > gnupload: adjust comment
  > autoupdate
  > gnupload: Fix "gpg-agent is not available in this session" error.
  > crypto/af_alg: fix --help
  > autoupdate
  > nl_langinfo: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > truncate: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > pthread: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > posix_spawn: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > tsearch: Move from K&R C to ANSI C.
  > tsearch: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > imaxdiv: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > Support selective inclusion mechanism of recent header files.
  > Avoid compilation error due to 'mmap' on Android.
  > Add cross-compilation guesses for Linux systems without glibc.
  > getpagesize: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > tcgetsid: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > getpass: Fix configure test for Android.
  > ffs: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > mkfifo: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > c-strtod: Fix configure test for Android.
  > random: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > grantpt: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > stdioext: Fix compilation errors with newer Android headers.
  > doc: Add info about Android versions 2.0 to 8.1.
  > autoupdate
  > fseeko: On mingw, don't use the hidden function _fseeki64.
  > glob: Choose 'dirent_type' in a way that works better on mingw.
  > execute, spawn-pipe: Avoid warning about redefining 'close'.
  > nanosleep: Avoid test failure on mingw when it has nanosleep.
  > autoupdate
  > lock, cond, thread, tls: Use a different symbol as libpthread witness.
  > cond tests: Fix compilation error on Solaris.
  > doc: Add partial info about Android 4.3.
  > doc: More tweaks for Android 9.0.
  > doc: Add info about Android 9.0.
  > pthread: document Android limits
  > af_alg: fix my typo in afalg_buffer
  > af_alg: recover better from crypto failures
  > af_alg: distiguish I/O errors better
  > af_alg: avoid gotos
  > af_alg: don’t leak file descriptors into children
  > af_alg: coalesce socket creation
  > af_alg: fix file descriptor leak
  > af_alg: Pacify --enable-gcc-warnings on GCC 8
  > af_alg: Pacify --enable-gcc-warnings
  > autoupdate
  > af_alg: Add ability to use Linux kernel crypto API on data in memory.
  > af_alg: Avoid warnings.
  > crypto/{md5,sha1,sha256,sha512} tests: Add benchmarks.
  > af_alg: Fix a resource leak.
  > af_alg: Fix bug with streams that are not at position 0.
  > crypto/{md5,sha1,sha256,sha512} tests: Enhance test.
  > af_alg: Add configure option to enable/disable use of Linux crypto API.
  > Followup to 'af_alg: New module.'.
  > crypto/{md5,sha1,sha256,sha512}: simplify
  > af_alg: Improve comments.
  > af_alg: Improve comments.
  > af_alg: New module.
  > Fix order of most recent ChangeLog entries.
  > crypto tests: pacify GCC
  > af_alg: minor style improvements
  > af_alg: Fix bug on empty files.
  > sys-limits.h: new file for crypto and safe I/O
  > af_alg: Improve function signature.
  > crypto/{md5,sha1,sha256,sha512}: Fix compilation error (S_TYPEISTMO).
  > crypto/{md5,sha1,sha256,sha512}: Fix module description.
  > af_alg: Add documentation.
  > sha512: Add tests.
  > sha256: Add tests.
  > sha1 tests: Add test for sha1_stream.
  > md5 tests: Add test for md5_stream.
  > autoupdate
  > md5sum: use kernel crypto API
  > sha512sum: use kernel crypto API
  > sha256sum: use kernel crypto API
  > sha1sum: use AF_ALG when available
  > all: Replace more http URLs by https URLs.
  > maint: port more modules to GCC 8
  > Simplify code. Drop support for Borland C++ on Windows.
  > autoupdate
  > localename: Fix test failures on mingw.
  > autoupdate
  > bootstrap: Avoid gnulib operations if not needed
  > manywarnings: port to GCC 8.0
  > sys_socket: Make SO_REUSEPORT available across platforms.
  > autoupdate
  > localcharset: short-circuit the search for an alias on a Mac
  > autoupdate
  > fts: add comment
  > fts: fix bug in find across filesystems
  > Fix last ChangeLog entry.
  > unicase/u*-context: Fix link errors with libunistring <= 0.9.9.
  > execute: Update comment.
  > fts: treat CIFS like NFS
  > c-stack: Fix possible build failure on some platforms.
  > time_rz: fix workaround for Mac OS X 10.6 infloop
  > havelib: port to Solaris 10 /bin/sh
  > time_rz: work around Mac OS X 10.6 infloop
  > don't use diff directly: use's compare
  > javacomp-script, javacomp: Add support for Java 10.
  > javacomp-script, javacomp: Update comments.
  > javacomp-script, javacomp: Fix support for Java 7, 8, 9.
  > port to diff without -c
  > c-stack: port to recent GCC build
  > euidaccess: Port to native Windows.
  > javacomp: Add support for Java 7, 8, 9.
  > javacomp-script: Add support for Java 9.
  > Spelling fix
  > glob: Don't compile replacements on recent glibc systems.
  > glob: Fix link error on native Windows.
  > glob: Fix compilation error in C++ mode.
  > host-cpu-c-abi: Support for RISC-V CPU.
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > fflush: be more paranoid about libio.h change
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > maint: write-file-hooks -> before-save-hook
  > autoupdate
  > binary-io: pacify gcc -Wunused-parameter
  > fflush: adjust to glibc 2.28 libio.h removal
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > environ: fix link error on 32-bit Cygwin
  > autoupdate
  > mbrtowc tests: Fix regression on glibc.
  > autoupdate
  > striconveha, uniconv/*: Avoid test failures on musl libc.
  > localename: Add support for musl libc.
  > mbrtowc tests: Don't make assumptions about the charset the C locale.
  > ptsname_r: Don't expect that this function sets errno.
  > xmalloca: pacify gcc -Wbad-function-cast
  > nl_langinfo: pacify gcc -Wunused-function
  > same: pacify gcc -Wunused-variable
  > malloca: pacify gcc -Wbad-function-cast
  > autoupdate
  > utimecmp: new function utimecmpat
  > same: new function same_nameat
  > warnings: Add support for Objective C.
  > lock: Fix test-once1 crash on FreeBSD11.
  > lock: Add test of gl_once.
  > thread: Fix compilation error on IRIX.
  > nl_langinfo: Override the system's nl_langinfo() when needed.
  > signal-h, monetary, strings: Fix build failure in some cases.
  > exempt "/proc/filesystems" from "file system" syntax check
  > stdlib: Fix compilation error on OpenIndiana.
  > host-cpu-c-abi: Avoid use of 'grep -E' on OpenIndiana.
  > malloca: Add a compile-time verification.
  > malloca: Add an argument check.
  > localename: Add support for OpenIndiana.
  > malloca, xmalloca: Make multithread-safe.
  > environ: Fix link error on 64-bit Cygwin.
  > get-rusage-data: Add support for Minix 3.
  > vma-iter: Add support for Minix 3.
  > Fix malfunction of socket functions on HP-UX in 64-bit mode.
  > getsockname tests: More tests.
  > manywarnings: fix maintainer comment
  > autoupdate
  > langinfo: Fix last commit.
  > langinfo, nl_langinfo: Add support for alternative month names.
  > Merge strftime.c changes from glibc
  > Fix typo in comment.
  > doc: Mention another prerequisite for using Gnulib.
  > build: GuixSD doesn't have /bin/bash
  > Avoid test failures on Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Linux.
  > canonicalize-lgpl: fix typo
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > filenamecat: make base a suffix of result
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > maint: Add encoding marker for Emacs to non-ASCII sources.
  > update-copyright: Handle use of ©
  > autoupdate
  > Fix -Wundef warning in user-included header lib/cdefs.h.
  > pthread_sigmask: Avoid compilation error on mingw.

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