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[platform-testers] texinfo-6.5.92 pretest

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: [platform-testers] texinfo-6.5.92 pretest
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2019 16:34:25 +0000

A pretest release for Texinfo has been uploaded to

Changes since previous pretest release:

* Change to texi2any to use 'id' instead of 'name' attribute for HTML
output is completed
* Pass on optimization flags to compiler when building XS extension modules
* Do not require xsubpp to build XS extension modules
* Fix how texi2any passes on -D options to texi2dvi
* An attempt is made to make the texi2any test suite parallel safe.
* Configure-time check added for gawk for rebuilding texindex.awk
* texi2dvi --command works without @setfilename being present
* info tries to continue a search if loading a node fails
* Various compiler warnings fixed

The main highlight is that errors for newer versions of Perl have been
fixed.  Additionally, the C version of the Texinfo parser is being
released for the first time. I encourage people to test it with the
`TEXINFO_XS_PARSER' environment variable set to `1', as mentioned in
the news below.

Please email any comments to address@hidden


* Language:
  . New commands @&, @ampchar{}.
  . @cropmarks command removed
  . @ctrl is no longer recognised (it was a way to insert literal
    control characters in Info files, but deprecated since the
    time of Texinfo version 2)
  . \usebracesinindexestrue is no longer recommended for using braces in
    index entries, and has been a no-op for some time

* texi2any
  . extension modules fixed to work with the "thread-safe locales" of
    Perl 5.28 and newer
  . some code changed to stop warnings being given by newer versions of Perl
  . for HTML output, use `id' to define link targets instead of the `name'
    attribute on <a>
  . A native-code implementation of the Texinfo parser has been included
    on an experimental basis, which makes texi2any a lot faster.  Set the
    `TEXINFO_XS_PARSER' environment variable to 1 to use.
  . for HTML output, new customization variable `SECTION_NAME_IN_TITLE'
    to use the argument to @chapter, @section etc. as the document
  . pass on flags set with -D to TeX.
  . the newline after an @insertcopying is not output
  . warning given for @multitable prototypes not in braces
  . @indent and @noindent are not allowed inside the arguments to
    commands where they are not meaningful
  . @quote-arg and @allow-recursion are not recognised (these two used
    to be recognised by makeinfo in macro definitions but were never
    implemented in texinfo.tex)
  . `FIX_TEXINFO' removed as a customization variable
  . do not recognise or warn about obsolete customization variables

* Development:
  . switch from Subversion to git
  . automake 1.16

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