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[platform-testers] new snapshot available: grep-3.4-almost.31-fe6c

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: [platform-testers] new snapshot available: grep-3.4-almost.31-fe6c
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2020 21:23:16 -0700

Here's another snapshot. This one is pretty important.
If you installed (even just for personal use, like I did)
either of the previous snapshots, be sure to replace
with this one or to uninstall.

grep snapshot:      1.6 MB

Changes in grep since 3.4-almost.26-5419:

Jim Meyering (4):
      build: update gnulib to latest
      tests: triple-backref: print a reference to glibc bug
      grep: make echo .|grep '\.' match once again
      build: update gnulib to latest

Paul Eggert (2):
      * tests/triple-backref: Add comment.
      grep: be more consistent about diagnostic format

Changes in gnulib since 3.4-almost.26-5419:

* gnulib 98aff1ca8...875dff581 (3):
  > fsusage, getaddrinfo: Produce more regular configure output.
  > Add back gl_SILENT.
  > c-stack-tests: fix -fsanitize=undefined false alarm

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