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[platform-testers] texinfo-6.7.91 pretest

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: [platform-testers] texinfo-6.7.91 pretest
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2021 21:44:54 +0100

The next pretest for the next Texinfo release has been uploaded to

We hope to release this fairly soon barring the discovery of any major issues.

Summary of changes since previous pretest (6.7.90, 2021-02-23):
* some fixes of indentation in TeX output for @multitable and @image
* some memory leaks fixed in info program
* various improvements to the JavaScript browsing interface, thanks to
Per Bothner
* compilation fixed on DragonFlyBSD
* other build fixes on various platforms (AIX 7.1, NetBSD, MS-Windows)

The most significant changes since the last release (September 2019)
are to the HTML output of the texi2any conversion program. Support for
MathJax is added for formatting of mathematical expressions. A
JavaScript-enhanced browsing interface is provided on an experimental
basis. The default output for HTML uses section names in preference to
node names, and simple lists of sub-sections replace Info-style menus.
There should be a significant speed-up due to more of the program
being written in C rather than Perl.

Pretest releases are made to give a chance for a new release to be
more widely tested, including on a variety of platforms.

Please send any comments to <>.

Support free software ~ ~

Full news:
* Language:
  . @example takes an argument to specify the language
  . mark these commands as deprecated, not to be used:
    @centerchap, @definfoenclose, @refill, @inforef.
  . completely remove @setcontentsaftertitlepage and
  . new paper size @bsixpaper

* texi2any
  . should be faster as Perl XS parser is enabled by default
  . remove 'SHOW_MENU' customization variable.  add 'FORMAT_MENU'
    customization variable.  'FORMAT_MENU' set to 'menu' is the same
    as 'SHOW_MENU' set to 1 and 'FORMAT_MENU' set to 'nomenu' is the
    same as 'SHOW_MENU' set to 0.
  . only check menu structure if CHECK_NORMAL_MENU_STRUCTURE variable is set
  . changes to HTML output
    . MathJax support for display of math.  new variables HTML_MATH,
    . new variables JS_WEBLABELS and JS_WEBLABELS_FILE to support
      JavaScript License Web Labels
    . by default, use sectional tables of contents instead of menus
    . use section names in links by default (configure with
      xrefautomaticsectiontitle customization variable)
    . CONTENTS_OUTPUT_LOCATION used to configure location of table of contents
    . new variable USE_NODE_DIRECTIONS to use node or section structure
      for node directions
    . copiable anchor links for definitions with COPIABLE_ANCHORS variable
    . experimental JavaScript browsing interface enabled with INFO_JS_DIR
    . don't add an extra period before file extension given as an argument
      to @image if image file is not found

* info
  . support compressed dir files

* texi2dvi
  . stop on first error in input file

* texinfo.tex
  . put logical page numbers into PDF's ('page labels')
  . put chapter numbers in the PDF outline
  . new Finnish translation

* Distribution
  . autoconf 2.71, automake 1.16.3, gettext 0.21

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