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[playogg-discuss] Adoption of Ogg Vorbis

From: Jeff Shippen
Subject: [playogg-discuss] Adoption of Ogg Vorbis
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 14:33:28 -0800
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Thinking about this for a moment, and how to help Ogg gain popularity.

Many simple things would help, but there is a large resistance in each:

A) Write letters to the large players in the game, such as Apple/iTunes,
Microsoft/Windows Media Player

B) Ask content providers for support.  Types of providers: downloads
(free/sale), and streaming.

C) Increase the demand on the format. Convince end users that Ogg is in
their best interest in many ways... free of patents, lower bit rate for
better quality, and no DRM.

        To do this, non-technical users will also have to have immediate access
to alternatives to what they are currently used to.  This means, as you
mentioned in your e-mail, cd players, portable players, and software on
the computer to listen, and burn cds.

        You will also need to spark their interest enough to be active about it.

- ------

I think that largely the end users and content providers support will
help push the large software/hardware players.

Maybe social networking sites can help spread the word, since you can
post "status updates" to those that are listening without worrying about
invasive unwanted e-mails in attempt to convert people.

I just posted this to Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace: "I support the Ogg
Vorbis (.ogg) music format that is superior to MP3/WMA/M4A in quality,
file size efficiency, and cost effectiveness."

I will also include it in e-mail signatures for a while... this will at
least help others to know it exist and it has supporters.  And twitter,
for example, the more people that tweet and retweet it, will be a big help.
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