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[playogg-discuss] "No derivative" Licenses

From: saulgoode
Subject: [playogg-discuss] "No derivative" Licenses
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2010 15:49:28 -0400
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I am interested in publishing some video tutorials and am trying to decide upon a license. I basically want to allow for free sharing of the videos as long as they are provided in unencumbered media formats -- no transcoding to proprietary formats, and especially no publication of proprietary-encoded versions by YouTube or other such sites.

Neither the Creative Commons ND (no derivatives) nor SA (share alike) licensing terms support my goal because they allow for transcoding of the content to other, proprietary, formats (though they offer an option to exclude the addition of TPM/DRM). I do not care if my content is used commercially, or whether derivative works are based on the content itself; however, I do care that it should be provided using only unencumbered media formats (but otherwise freely distributable).

I realize that I could create my own licensing terms, but I was wondering if there might not already exist a license that generally supports such terms. I would also welcome feedback on how such a license might be approached (assuming one doesn't exist) plus any general commentary on the viability or morality of such licensing anyone wishes to provide.


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