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[playogg-discuss] Re: New graphics

From: Niklas Cholmkvist
Subject: [playogg-discuss] Re: New graphics
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010 23:01:49 +0300


On 09/13/10 18:46, Kahlil Moonwalker wrote:
> a beautiful new logo --
Does it have any license associated with it?

SMC wrote:
> Sadly, I get the feeling the FSF has more or less abandoned this
> campaign.
Regardless of what others are doing, I have my Portable Sandisk Sansa
(firmware v.2) 2GB player and I only have vorbis files on it. Also all
my music are under Free Cultural Work licenses(CC-BY and CC-BY-SA some
non-DFSG compatible though), and I'm discovering new
music as time goes by. If I keep music on my player I download the ogg
vorbis files from Jamendo with a direct link download which can be
obtained from I'm fine :)



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